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Click Member link to see site in tvOur Little Boy
{;}A tribute to my little boy

In Loving Memory of Hailey
{;}Site in Memory of my little angel Hailey, born and went to heaven on May 27, 2002

Our Lil Angel
{;}A tribute to Ashlynn Nicole Blackwood

My Hero, My Son
A tribute to my son Donny

My Sunshine
{;}A tribute to my son, Gregory

Jamie's Song
{;}A tribute to my son James Micheal

In Loving memory of Marcus
{;}A memorial for my precious son Marcus who left us too soon

Matthew D Wise
{;}A tribute to Matthew

In Loving Memory Of Andrew J. Cooper
A tribute to my son Andrew, Forever young, forever missed.........{;}

Forever Remembered
Remembecommunity my two precious babies{;}

In Memory of Jeremy
Dedicated to my son Jeremy, who took a part of us with him when he left this earth{;}

In memory of our son Dylan
This is in memory of our son Dylan who was stillborn at 38 weeks due to placenta abruption. We love and miss Dylan very much.

My Angels My Heart
{;}A tribute to my three sons

Wesley Michael Myers, Mommy's Little Angel
A tribute to my son Wesley Michael, left to be an angel at age 3.{;}

My Little Sunshine
{;}My Little ray of sunshine, Lacey...

Our Angel Jake
In Memory of my darling son Jake aged 6yrs. Who was taken from us on 31st August 2000 by a hit and run stolen car.{;}My soul is empty, My heart is broken.{;}We miss you little prince! {;}

Shane Mohney
Dedicated to my Hero and son, Shane who bravely fought the battle of stomach cancer. He lived his life to the fullest. He will always be in my heart {;}

In Memory of Jay and Joe
A tribute to my sons Jay and Joe, they will forever live in our hearts.{;}

Shelley Beasley Memorial
Memorial to my daughter, Shelley, who became an angel on September 28, 1998, due to an accidental gunshot injury. Shelley, forever 18.{;}

In Loving Memory of Alison
In loving memory of my Darling Daughter Alison who died suddenly from a brain haemorrhage from a congenital problem we had no idea she had. Through Organ Donation she gave the Gift of Life to six other ...

In Memory of Our Daughter Cassie
Memorial tribute to our percious daughter Cassie, who became an angel at 8 years old.{;}

Vick's Place
My family with 5 cases of hirschsprungs disease. 2 my son and brother graduated from this life. My 3 grandchildren with hirschsprungs doing good. My son's pages are his life, living in the hospital for ...

Missing Jamie
{;}Memorial for my daughter Jamie

The Legend Of Little Larry
A tribute to my fallen angel, my son Little Larry.....{;}

Jeremy's WINGS
In memory of precious little Jeremy, on earth a short while, in our hearts forever.{;}

Missing Madeline and Morgan

Jameson's Place
{;}our angel jameson

My Angel Chrissy
A tribute to my angel Chrissy{;}

In Memory of Dominic~Now At Peace In The Arms Of Jesus
A tribute to my son Dominic who was shot by police, a part of me is gone forever.{;}

Our Precious Baby Brianna
A tribute to our precious little Angel Brianna{;}

Michelle Marie
{;}Michelle, forever in our hearts..

My Legacy Of Love
A tribute to my little Angel Keith who taught me all of the important lessons in life.{;}

Our Angel Nurse
a tribute to my daughter, Lor..

My Little angel boy
My Little Angel Boy{;}

Our Precious Angel Robbie
A tribute to my son Robbie, a short time on this earth but forever in our hearts.{;}

In Memory of Julie
{;}Memorial to my 31-year-old daughter, Julie, killed in Head-On Collision by young driver under the influence of drugs and going the wrong way on the highway.

Cowboy Angel Jordan
A tribute to my precious little Jordan, my Cowboy Angel{;}

Our Angel Jimmy
Our Angel Jimmy{;}

In Loving Memory of Chaz
A site in Loving memory of my son Chaz

Welcome To Heaven
Jason is loved and missed each and every day of our lives.{;}Days come and Days slip by and still there is no end to this sorrow. But one day we will cross into Heaven..and none of this will matter.

In Memory Of Scott
A tribute to my son Scott.{;}

In Loving Memory of Amber
A memorial for my daughter Amber who went to be an angel in 1996{;}Remember that Mommy loves u little angel

The loss of my daughter{;}

Beau's Memory
A tribute to my son Beau who left this earth much too soon due to a car accident.{;}

Jared's Memory
A tribute to my son Jared. He lives on in my heart and in my memories.{;}

David Edward Lowe
A beautiful tribute to my son David, whom I lost at 2 1/2 years old with cancer.

In Loving Memory of Christopher James Smith
A tribute to my son Christopher, my son, my angel.{;}

In Memory Of Our Son, Brother, Grandson & Friend, Gregory Lewis
A tribute to my son Greg who left this earth due to a car accident at the age of 16.{;}

My Precious Angel Meaghan
A site dedicated to my precious angel Meaghan who left this world due to SIDS{;}

A tribute to our precious baby angel Devan{;}