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Mom's supporting each other through the loss of a child.

In Memory Of Zachary Lee
A tribute to our son Zachary who was born still.....

I Could Have Missed The Pain, But I'd Have Missed The Dance
A site dedicated to the memory of my beautiful daughter Jamie-leigh

My Gentle Giant
A tribute to my son Mikey who left this earth much too soon.

Our Shining Star
A tribute to our precious son Evan, our shining star.

Baby Angel Destiny
A tribute to my beautiful little angel who always knew how to make me smile.

Dakota T. Goodman
A tribute to my son Dakota who was on this earth a short while but has touched hearts forever.

In Memory Of Logan
A tribute to our precious little angel who was taken from us by SIDS

In Memory Of Mitchell
A tribute to my son Mitchell who took a part of me with him when the Lord called him home.

Memory of Tyrel "Wello" Pine
A tribute to my precious son Tyrel

In Memory Of Bailey Mayer
A tribute to my son Bailey who left this earth much too soon.........Bailey, we love and miss you more than words can say. To Infinity & Beyond.

In Memory Of Logan
A tribute to our son Logan, a short time in our arms, a lifetime in our hearts.

sarahs baby angels
I already have a website done by you but I have some awards that I would like on there and they need to be linked back to the site where I got them. Do you think you could add them for me? Sarah

Our Special Little Man
A site dedicated to our special little man Kyle who touched our lives in a very special way. He lives on in our hearts.

In Memory Of Riley
Our precious darling son, Riley Owen Hitt, went to be with Jesus on July 20, 2004 - We want him to be remembered... I read somewhere that a parents worse nightmare is their child may be forgotten... ...

Beloved Twin Angels
A tribute to my precious twin daughters, Lissy and Ava. They were here only a moment, but have touched lives and hearts forever.

Shelby Lynn Howard
Dedicated to my beautiful daughter Shelby who left to be an angel at age 11.

My Angel Christopher
A site dedicated to my precious baby angel Christopher. He is forever in my heart.

August Ryan
A tribute to our special little angel August.

Life of my son Michael.

Our Beloved Baby J
A tribute to our precious Baby J, never held in our arms, but always held in our hearts.

Remember Me
A tribute to a beautiful daughter, sister, wife, mother and friend who left this earth much to soon, our Christa.

Loving Memory Of Paul Martin Woyame
Memorial To My Son Paul Who Died In A Hunting Accident At Age 17 Yrs.~Also child loss memorials, stages of grief, and poetry.~Future pages to assist bereaved will be added soon.{;}{;}

Memorial To Our Loved Ones
{;} memorial for my daughter and other loved ones lost to substance abuse. Anyone may add their loved ones names. A site to show young people the reality of what drugs/alcohol do.{;}

My Angels Anthony and Christopher
{;}A tribute to christopher and anthony

In Loving Memory of Melissa
{;}Memorial for my angel daughter Melissa