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A community for sites that offer support for Chronic Illness or Pain..

Angel*Rain Cares About Health
This site explains some symtoms related to fibromyalgia and where to turn to for care and support.{;}

Sonja's Angels
Site for and about Angels, however, I do have a Chronic Pain page with links to resources on the Net..

Capable Corners
Capable Corners is a site for people with ALL kinds of disabilites and diseases to gain support!

A Pain in The Neck
An outline for my book describing my accident, 5 cervical surgery, and my dealings with physicians and workers compensation. From here go to my Homepage to view my other pages.

DDD Friends
An online support group for people suffecommunity from Degenerative Disk Disease and/or chronic back/neck pain. Contains information, links, message board, newsletter, pen pal club, and more.

Living with Crohn's disease
{;}My life with Crohn's disease. Living with Chronic pain. Information on other Diseases, and links.

Hope & Cope
Coping with chronic illness and hoping in spite of it{;}

Living With Lupus
A site designed for people living with Lupus {;}or other autoimmune diseases, and their family and friends,{;}to find helpful links, information, support and hope

tatianna's Trove of Treasures for Women of Diversity-Degenerative Disc Disease & Facet Joint Arthritis Page
A page of my family website about the chronic pain and treatment of my degenerative disc disease, herniated disc and facet joint arthritis{;}

Angel Spirit Welcomes You
Artwork by J.E.Bowser, Special tribute to Edgar Berebi~ world renowed artisan, Bridge of Faiths welcomes all faiths to prayer post. Columbine poem & tribute, american attack 9-11-2001.

shaynamaydle's home page
My site contains original poetry dealing with disabilities and child abuse. I also list resource links for various disabilities and information about them.

Welcome to my home
pictures from the last 50 years of my family our travels,lot of flower pictures, some of my applets and my own middi site. I am new to home site building,if you need any more information, please ask. Thank ...

Angelic Network
community for sites that offer support

Sonja's Angels of Hope
A support group for women{;}with chronic pain or illness

MSers Online
For anyone with Multiple Sclerosis, their family, friends, caregivers, etc. 4 discussion mailing lists. 2 Yahoo! clubs.

Understanding E
My Site is to help others understand and learn ways of dealing with Epilepsy Disorder (also to dispel "myths" about epilepsy disorder based on ignorance and fear), please visit Epilepsy over 300 Links ...

Learn Reiki Now
Reiki Master and practitioner providing in-person and distance healing treatments.

Chiari Malformation and Related Disorders Support
A support group for those who suffer from and or a family member or friend of Chiari Malformation and its related disorders. We offer support, education and awareness.

Erika\'s Chiari Homepage
A site that provides information, inspiration, and hope to others challenged by Chiari Malformations and related disorders.

A Gossamer Heart (the mending of wings)
We offer on line support for the chronically ill, through an on line forum, publishing of prose and poetry written about your illness, uplifting quotes, prayer and reiki requests, and medical informational ...