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Community for fan fiction sites based on{;}Fox's

BFA: A Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel: The Series Fan Fiction Archive
An all-inclusive, self-uploadable, searchable, and automated fan fiction for BtVS and A:tS, affiliated with the BFA-L mailing list.

Vamps N Slayers Fanfic
This is a fanfiction archive for either BtVS or Angel the series. All ratings and paicommunitys allowed. Site is affiliated with the Vamps N Slayers Fanfic yahoogroup (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/va ...

Sheshat's Online Library
A slowly growing Buffy & Angel fanfic index on a linked multi-fandom archive. Submissions welcome. Other fandoms on the site include BeastMaster, B5, due South, Highlander, The Crow, Poltergeist, Stargate, ...

Gunn:The Series
Alternate Universe fan fiction series in which Angelus was never cursed and Doyle must team with a different champion, Charles Gunn. Wesley and Cordelia complete the cast!

Cat's Hellmouth Cafe
An archive site with smutt gallore. Theres stuff from Inell, Rune, Duck, and your other fave authors. You'll even be able to find some non-smutt hidden in between our nooks and crannys!! Cat's Hellmouth ...

Deep In: An Angel Resource site
Deep In is an Angel (the character) archive and writer's resource. Essays, resource links, fiction, and more.

The Flowers of Carnage
This is a site dedicated to Angel Fanfiction and my growing series: The Flowers of Carnage