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This is a community for ANYONE (especially Teens) who are/have or know someone who suffers from Depression, Self harm, eating disorders, child abuse, lost of someone close to them or anything like that! Because we're all Angels! :){;}

Wicked Enchantment
Poetry about self injury, self mutilation, suicida and depression.

~*ragdoll's candlelit tunnel*~
Personal experience of recovery from self harm. There is hope. Includes words from my husband, poetry, fiction, research paper, resource links, my story and tips. Non triggecommunity design.

Brat in a Cage
too lame for a description

Kellys Story
this is a site with my struggles of depression/cutting, a quiz to see if you are depressed, my depressed poems, and so much more =)

~* Escape the pain inside *~
A dark little place reeling out all the secrets hidden in my teenage gothic world of tears and sadness :'(

Eating disorders and figure skaters
About eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, ED-NOS) as they relate to figure skaters, other athletes, and to the general public.

yeah me too
my fight with self injury, my poetry and stories and a place for yours too

Dying For Perfection
Bulimia Diaries. This will basically be my road to recovering from bulimia. It will cover everything from my past experiences to the constant struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I hope to maybe give ...