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A community for all EverQuest players and fans. All and any page that has anything related to EQ has the right to join. Join the community, and bcommunity more EQ addicted players together!

Norrath Guards
A site where Guild members of the Norrath Guards and people interested in joining, can go to see news on the guild and post on our message boards.

UberQuest is a special EverQuest site, which focuses mainly on the high-end equipment and armor. We started in March of 2001, and we feel things are moving along fast. Check back often, we update several ...

Welcome to the Ebony Order
A site dedicated to and about the Ebony Order Guild on the Nameless Server.{;}

Seranya's Mystical Thicket
~For the kid at heart~{;}A fanciful site dedicated to my EverQuest character{;} with favorite and personal links =D

Mad Wanderer Guild
Public home page of the Mad Wanderers of Luclin. Lore and information collected by the members, and information for new and old members of the guild.

Caster's Circle of Magic
An informational site with some fun interesting things added to it.

Kaewen Bloodsong - You're In My World Now!
I welcome ye. I am Kaewen, and I am a bard. Ye should check out me site, there's lots of infermation bout me an my travels.

FatherMatt's Tower
A site featucommunity a table (with links) showing the BEST EverQuest sites for maps, items, prices, quests, zones, hunting, bestiaries, faction and more.

Everquest: Le coin de Thrain
French language.{;}Comment débuter un tradeskill, une classe, avec quelles armes ou armures.{;}Description de quête de bas niveaux.

Sisters Of The Silver Moon
Guild site of Sisters of the Silver Moon, the fiercest women on Norrath, Luclin server.

Mercinaries Of Dark
Mercinaries of Dark EQ Guild Website

EQ Free Co. Guild
The Free Co. is a guild on the Erollisi Mar server.

The Mages of the Mist
A site dedicated to the guild The Mages of the Mist guild on the Mithanial Marr server.

Norrathian Underground
Home of Norrathian Underground Guild on Tholuxe Paells Server.

Rpg, Everquest and fantasy site.