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This community is an enducommunity circle of remembrance and honor to an age long past. Each site in this community is one devoted to some aspect of the history of ancient Rome.

A Gallery of Ancient Rome's Women
The Gallery is a tribute to the beauty, strength, and legacy of our ancestral Roman sisters. These images come from many sources and encompass many centuries.{;}

The Ruins of Rome
This site includes pictures and descriptions of ancient Roman ruins found in Rome, Pompeii, Herculaneum and Ostia. Pictures are of the roman forum, pompeii, herculaneum, colosseum, circus maximus, pantheon, ...

Roma Aeterna - Navigare Necesse Est
Website devoted to the ancient history of the Eternal City and its Empire, with a special attention to the naval and maritime aspects. Pubblications, essays, ancient texts, bibliographies, links and image ...

Classicos da Antiguidade
This site is dedicated to be a free resource database for classical studies in Portuguese Language, but we also contains texts in latin and greek. We have many texts and pictures representatives of the ...

Mike R Vosper, Coins
Mike R Vosper Coins buy and sell ancient Gold, Silver and Bronze coinage. Celtic, such as Cunobelin Staters and Boudicca Units. Greek coinage, for example Athenian Owl Tetradrachms and Alexander the Great ...

The Villa of Thea Didius
A walk through a Roman villa and history!

Lex Antica
An information resource for anyone with an interest in ancient law and politics.{;}

Villa Julilla is devoted to revealing ancient Roman daily life: from personal appearance, to cuisine and atrium houses.

The Second Century
A comprehensive site on the Roman Empire in the second century and the development of the early Christian communities in Asia Minor. This site was developed by students at Wabash College ducommunity Spcommunity ...

Temple of Mystical Faiths
Pagan site with many paths and link to store{;}

reenactor.Net's Roman Reenacting Area
This web area is reenactor.Net's Roman Reenacting area -- Roman reenacting is THE coming thing in the hobby and it gives us a chance to learn from the past. We welcome all visitors our purpose being to ...