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A community of sites dedicated to providing resources on the Ancient Myths of all cultures of the world

Ancient Ireland
Lots of excellent resources about Ancient Ireland

Muse of Myth
A compendium of mythology resources on the 'Net including general mythology, cultural mythology and mythological creatures.

Megalithic Research Wales
A database of megalithic and monolithic sites that sominate the Welsh landscape. Includes some details of myths and legends currounding them

Ancient Myths Community
This is the homepage for the Ancient Myths community; here you may choose the image you prefer for your community code. All sites providing quality resources regarding ancient mythology are welcome.

Mythology Award of Excellence 2001
Award site for the best mythology sites on the 'Net - 2001

Mythology Award of Excellence 2002
Award presented to the best mythology sites on the 'Net ~2002

Magia D' La Luna
Blessings,{;}{;}Magia D' La Luna means "Magick of the Moon" and is dedicated to the craft. We have an extensive online God/dess library, herbal library, and art gallery for all to enjoy. We also offer ...

Daughters of Daghda
Daughters of Daghda is a Brigidine Celtic Reconstructionist Pagn site. There are pages about Imbolc, my home shrine and Flameleepers.