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My blog is about knitting, linguistics and being a graduate student.

Trying to spread the silliness
I am a graduate student struggling to divide attention between school and my crafting ADD

The Yarn Owl
We are three grad students who keep a blog on our humble beginnings with knitting

20-something, happily married, a teacher of the gifted, an avid knitter and reader, interested in pursuing mental, physical, & spiritual well-being

Grad School Knitter
Knitting my way to a PhD!

Message in a Bottle
I'm taking a one year sabbatical from working to go back to school full-time and finish my degree. I knit, read, walk, hang out with my cats, and I'm living on an island. I probably spend way too much ...

Knits Vehemently
Confessions of two Nova Scotia knitwits.

I'm a dissertator working on research (and a ton of knitting projects) abroad!

Rocking the Starfish
I\'m a few months away from finishing up my undergraduate degree, and my high stress levels are reflected in the number of knitting and crocheting projects I\'ve completed ducommunity my time. Graduate ...


Did Gauss Knit?
Gauss was a great mathematician, but he most certainly was not a knitter. Had he been a knitter, and a nice guy, and a woman, and living in the 21st century, this would have been his blog.

The Bookworm Adventures
The adventures of a librarian, doctoral student, and world traveler.

Itchy Stitchy
I love linguistics. I love knitting. I love my husband. I hate morning sickness.

Life & Times of a History PhD Student
The Life and Times of a History PhD Student: knitting, reading, traveling, gardening, etc. Oh, yeah. And sometimes dissertating.

winged orange
20-something MA candidate living in Jersey, going to school in Manhattan, and knitting between them.

Autumn is an art teacher who mostly blogs about knitting sweaters for her chihuahua and how hard dating is.

Marvelous Things
I'm a college student who blogs about knitting (among other things).

Proof that you can teach an old broad new tricks!

Knit & Knag
Knitting projects and thoughts from a Swedish-Canadian.

I write. I knit. I teach. I putter.

Natalie Knits
My adventures with knitting and life!

Logan's Anchor
Yarn, books, doodles, friends, general student bitching...and a few bees.

Morgiana's Manifesto
I am doing my PhD in Comperative Literature in Switzerland, in spare time I run a teashop, knit and do many other crafts.

Hi, I'm a fourth year biology major going on to a PhD program in microbiology next year. Since they two things I do with my time are knitting and working in lab, I thought I would ask to join your community! ...

Knit Wrong, Purl Wrong
In my most deluded moments, I think that knitting has deep insights to offer the literary critic. Of course, I only think that if I'm knitting when I should be working.

knitting blog

The Happy College Knitter
A 20 year old college junior with a passion for everything knitted!

Yet Another Knitting Blog
I'm a Southerner who has been uprooted to Michigan for law school who copes through knitting.

Lilleducks sirkler
This is a spinning knitters blog. I'm also a mastergrade student at University of Oslo

Yarn Goddess

I've been a student {off and on}for nine years, and knitting for half that time. Sometimes I forget the students part of my life, because it detracts from the knitting. Now I'm off to study in Peru {knitters ...

...in which an adjunct finds herself teaching, writing courses, knitting, crocheting, and reading. Then, there's the rest of life, too! :)

Pins and Pickaxes
Personal blog of a London based archaeology student and hand knitter.

My Unfinished Projects
I am a Administrator at a University in the South of England and this blog is to show all my adventures with knitting, crochet and spinning.

Short Shots

Dr. B.'s Blog
A place where rhetoric rocks

I like making things - knitting, drawing and learning to sew. I'm a Mum, IT student also studying Japanese. I'm interested in edible gardens, foreign languages & world politics.

Knitting blog

Ivory Needles
A blog that is about knitting and grad school, though it also has posts about other aspects of life--it started as something being written for 2 different groups of friends, the knitting folks and some ...

materfamilias writes
the reflections of an academic, mother of four grown children, as she reads, knits, runs, gardens, and more on a very small West Coast island

Tomorrow May Rain
Like to knit and work in academia.

Verona's Strickstube
all about knitting and life as a knitter

knitting, weaving, spinning and research

Just A Knit Wit
I am a returning student, working towards my Ph.D. I eventually plan to become a college English professor.

Knitting to Keep My Sanity ... Well, Sort of
This chronicles my adventures or misadventures in knitting, design and other needlework and the humor that usually accompanies my efforts to relax and find serenity.

Aesthetic Entanglementz
Knitting blog by a UW doctoral candidate in Seattle.

A Little Night Knitting
Navigating My Inner Pathways in the Middle of the Night!

Aesthetic Entanglementz
A Seattle-based theatre artist and PhD candidate devoted to knitting, spinning, designing, and fiber arts.

My life is like my socks, full of stripes and color, sometimes with holes - but never bocommunity.

Herci Knits!
A blog that documents my knitting and life. Including the endless struggle of juggling graduate school in clinical psychology and my passion for knitting.