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I'm juggling teacher, working on a PhD, and a knitting obsession. Knitting keeps me sane...sort of.

Trenchwork is a blend of the personal and professional, knitting and teaching, and whatever happens to be happening in the trenches at the moment.

The Purloined Letter
Quoth the Maven, "Knit some more!"

Monkey Business
A blog about my (mis)adventures as a knitting, reading graduate student.

Still in the Works
A knit blog by a grad student who knits to keep sane!

Trying to live an artful life amid the library bookshelves.

My blog, Garnlek is in Swedish. It means Yarnplay. I've been knitting in periods, the last period began 2004, as did my blogging. I love to dye my yarn in acid dye in the micro or on the stove. Being a ...

No-Pattern Knitter

fcommunitye effects
College Life, Knitting, Random Thoughts, Rants, Physics, Movie Reviews & More! Everything you've been searching for with a candy coated shell. Well....maybe not.

"I hate waiting."
a blog about my knitting, my cats, my inability to be patient, and my life in general.

Knitting Underway
Watch me knit my way through medical school!

Life is so full of Knit sometimes that you just want to grab your sticks and yarn, run to a corner and knit!

Just One More Row

the neety greety
We answer the question: "why is knitting so much more rewarding than academia?" I don't know. But it is.

Liz Knits
Ramblings of an LA knitter

Ethical Thought
I have many interests that might guide me to start blogging but to be honest I do not know why I have. I think about knitting and the world of knitters I spend time pondecommunity the World of Ethics and ...

Blogging about the quest to knit only from the yarn stash

dovegreyreader scribbles
a Devon based bookaholic sock knitting quilter who happens to be a community nurse in her spare time.

mlj1954 -- for knitters and others
It is basically my own knitting site but I do go on about other things too. I recently graduated from Tiffin University and just started my MBA at Cleveland State University. Frankly, I should be doing ...

Lick My Sticks
Another twenty-something knitter with a bad attitude.

Kozytartan Creates
Knitting and books. Both are my life. Combine the two and add a paper on educational theorists, and you have a little time-management issue

Knitting Between the Lines
Knitting between the lines and reading between strands of yarn in pursuit of fun projects, a PhD, and purcommunity cats

&Acommunity; Strikke
A chronological history of my knitting, by a historian.

Knitting Librarian
A knitting librarian meets the world of blogging

Trouble with Trebles
Follow the trials and tribulations of a new professor, a recent transplant to California, and a knitter.

Yarn for Dinner
a site aboout knitting. And some other stuff.

Merp is where I share my creative labors. Knitting, raising a puppy, etc. It's fuzziness all around!


AML Arts
Trial and error adventures in knitting, crocheting, and many other craft activities.

Karoline Knits
Just another blog about knitting, reading, and family trips

Knitting Philistine

A Caffeinated Yarn
I'm a PhD student in the classics, and I knit to stay sane.

The Wool Diaries
Knitting in Malmö.

The Pet Yarn
...ramblings of an antisocial knitter.


Well-tempered Knitter
A new blogger attempts writing about knitting and other stuff

What I do, what I think and what I knit.

Alma and the very bad cats
A thirtysomething student is learning not only to knit but also how to do the blogging thing in spite of living with two very bad cats who try to sabotage anything and everything not related to tuna or ...

A blog about knitting, spinning and fiber arts. Unique ideas and ramblings from a fiberholic.

Books and Knits
Attempting to balance knitting with the last semester of undergraduate. Soon to be uprooted from home (Lousiana) to move across the country (destination unknown) for graduate school.

Knitting is my Boyfriend
The knitting/life blog of a 20-something graduate student living and loving in Ottawa Ontario. I'm currently working on an MA in Forensic Psychology, if you're wondecommunity.

Du's Knitting Blog
Male knitter, crocheter, and crafter in KC, MO. Graduate student at KU.

Tangled Yarns of a Knotty Historian
Or, what I do when I'm not working on my dissertation.

Jo Knits
Knitting, child-reacommunity, and other stuff

Captain Knitpicky
One wild-haired almost-psychologist's extensive adventures in the fiber arts.

knits 'n bits
master's student in chemical engineecommunity blogging about her knitting, musings, life, and of course, complain about her lack of progress in her research. :P

darkpaintedknits: knitting the night away
I'm currently a junior English major at the University of Maryland, and I knit far too much.

Zeeppo\'s Knitting Blog
This blog is about my adventures as one of the few unashamed male knitters in Pittsburgh.

Andey's thoughts
The blog of a knitting-addicted soon-to-be MLS student (as long as I pass these last few undergrad business classes, anyway) where I babble about yarn, knitting, writing/editing patterns, and the general ...

Hungry Knitter
Knitting, cooking, and studying in Chicago!