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Teaching, knitting, computing...what's not to love?

Absolute Rae
Here's to knitting and living with my two cats and cornsnake while I wade through college.

Professor Knitwit
Read about a young professor navigating the world of academia and knitting

The adventures of the silver bullet

Kirsti Knits
The knitting-related musings of a British Ph.D., now transplanted into the US research community and desparately seeking a tenure-track position!

A blog to serve the needs of the infertile lesbian fiber arts breastfeeding parents of twins community, particularly those who are left-leaning democrats employed in research and education. Don't all comment ...

Ari Does Knit, Occasionally
Just a college student at PSU in PDX, who knits through classes, at the doggie park and while attempting to study most nights

Dr. Girlfriend Knits
A blog about my adventures knitting my way through graduate school!

Villain Extraordinaire
Villain Extraordinaire's blog of Knitting and Destruction.

Sew Crafty
Knitting, sewing and craft creations from Oxford, UK

The home of the knitted terrorists, ably led by glittrgirl and Scumkitten, two British girls at opposite ends of the country with spookily similar obsessions. On this blog you will find all sorts of things, ...

Another grad student knitter...

A graduate student rambles on about knitting and the academic life.

Strung Out
The incoherent musings of a first year law student desperately trying to make time to knit and spin.

My blog is - basically - all about my knitting. A new passion that keeps me sane whilst academic pressures drive me mildly insane!

Molly Phariss
A blog about everything, but heavy on the knitting, from an engineecommunity graduate student in Seattle.

A blog of miscellany. Musings on writing a PhD thesis, pop culture, knitting, zining and general craftiness

Stix and the City
I will be finishing up my bachelor's this summer- finally. I work in sales and I'm about to start law school in the fall (yes, there will be ANOTHER lawyer in the world). In my free time, I knit, paint, ...

Kittens, mittens and knit things
I had a job, I liked it, but I can't deal with the 9 to 5 part. So I will just be a student forever. The kitty won't love me any less. I also have time to ignore my 1000 projects and cast on a 1001st ...

Is it a sweater yet?
I'm a PhD student in Classics, but I knit more than I write!

Yo La Tejo
I am working on my Ph.D. in English at UT Austin and finding news ways to slow my progress by knitting and blogging.

Knitting Cybrarian

I'm a grad student in religion who does a LOT of knitting, occasional spinning, and blogging.

Hip Hip Crochet
Yarn, crochet, books, a dog, a Masters-in-Library-Science-in-Progress and more. Life's getting a little crowded.

knits, purls, and curls
Website about a twenty-something post-baccalaureate student (secondary ed. history) who knits to keep her sanity.

Knitting factor in heavily, as well as whatever other DIY projects I happen across, and school-Art History, my puppsy dog as well as any interesting adventures that we (me and me dog) have...there are ...

Little Green Bungalow
Take down the walls, knit a sweater, rant at the dogs - just your basic 'in denial about grad. school' stuff

Fiber arts blog of a grad student from Indiana University.

Je Tricote Pour Moi

Chrissy's Random Life
This is where I keep track of the everyday happenings in my life, which often include, knitting, school stuff (I'm an English major), and my sweet kitty cat.

Cultured Purl
Recently completed a M.A. in Literature, now working on a M.L.I.S. (library science) here in DC while knitting and herding two cats and one very sweet gov't employed husband.

deceptively packaged
A knitting journal from a UT Austin MSIS candidate.

Once Upon A Time... A Journey to Middle England
Knitting and Gardening in Central England. The Journal of a crafts-addicted PhD student.

i like to knit and think about math.
watch sarai as she struggles to be a good math student, curses her misshapen knitting, and leaves it to languish with her fiddle even though she loves them both.

Blog of My Ugly Sweater: PhD candidate, former art-historian, current cultural studies junkie, attender of protests, lover of indiepop, parent to my cats, my dog, my chubby fish, partner of two star, maker ...

Nadia's Crafting Adventure
The tales of a 20-something Vancouverite undergrad who knits, crochets and sews her way through life.

Melanie's Knittings

spud says hi
If knitting were less addictive, I'd have more published, and thus my academic status would be far more secure. Instead, I'm a overwhelmed pre-tenure academic, who nonetheless finds more time than she ...

amandamonkey's World of Stitch
My forum for all things stitch (knitting, sewing, embroidery) and occasional snarky comments about politics or my dissertation research. Sometimes photos of my favorite little beasts even sneak in.

I'm doing a PhD in london on kids science books. Which makes me the only lit student in an exclusively-science college. So I sit in the corner with my knitting and watch the physicists go by.

An obsessive knitters talks obsessively about knitting.

Dipsy's Knits
a Southern gal just trying to get through college and knit as much as possible dodging obstacles like jobs, partying, schoolwork, and boys...

...in which an adjunct finds herself teaching, writing courses, knitting, crocheting, and reading. Then, there's the rest of life, too! :)

Astabeth Knits
A knitting blog.

an escapee from the USA with valid papers in Vancouver, BC knits in a crooked brown house when she is not busy trying to fool everyone that she really *is* a productive, proactive, progressive librarian ...

Cerridwen's Knitting Blog

Prioritizing the Paranoias

It Seemed Like a Good Idea At The Time...
I'm a knitting, running,spinning, cat-obsessed, black, bourgie, Buddhist Yogini who is trying to complete her degree, escape corporate America and find a really good time planner...

I am a knitter, student, and mom trying to balance all three.

Trying to accomplish an undergrad degree as well as maintain some sanity and knitting.