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A memorial site dedicated to the tragic events that happened on 9/11/01, made with American Pride.

A site dedicated to America and Americans.

The Allied Troops In Iraq
rolls off honour for britain usa etc plus sept 11th remembrance heros of the war in iraq

A Woman's View
A Woman's View is my home pages to my sites. My home pages include a September 11, 2001 Memorial Tribute, poetry, family pages, and much more. Links to my other sites are also available and include Runaway ...

God Bless The USA
In remembrance and prayer for those affected by Sept.11

American Patriot
A site dedicated to the events of september 11, 2001. Links to other pages, some mine, that are updated as to the current situation about our war against terrorism.

World Trade Center Tribute online
Includes before & after photo galleries, before & after information, tribute to heroes, timeline of events, and much more.

In God's Hands Now
A site in honor of the loved ones lost on Sept.11th and to show my love and support for our troops and country.

Minnesota's American Hereos
Site dedicated to POW/MIAs from Minnesota who served in the Vietnam War.

Bob's Home Page
This is a site for EMT's & Marines. My POW Page and a Tribute to My uncle. Check back regularly for changing pages

The U21A Incident
Site deals with the ongoing POW/MIA Issue.You can find many interesting Things here.Example: Women Warrior,General Colin Powell,Letter from President Nixon and so much,much more.....

Veterans of the Phulam Signal Facility, Vietnam
Site consists of the history of Phulam, photo's, stories, key events, in memory, pow/mia, roster, missing list and much more.

a salute to Americas POW-MIA Herr's and to let all know that they are not forgotten

Happy 4th of July
Dedicated to the victims of 9-11 and the survivors includes the History of the 4th of July,independance day for the United States of America, Old Glory, the Liberty Bell, our National Anthem, Patriotism, ...

If you love your freedom...Thank a Vet
A tribute to the veterans who came home, those who didn't, and those who are here - but still not home. Thank you for cacommunity for our Vets.

An educational and informational site for those seeking to understand the nature of decent government and the rights of free men. This site contains numerous quotes from the founding fathers and the U.S. ...

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A Tribute: Let Us Remember & Be Grateful
A page that is part of my family genealogy site dedicated to POW-MIAs, veterans, and those still serving. The page includes links to my POW-MIAs, a site dedicated to my father Col. Robert A. Scherr, USMC ...

Freedom Flight
Freedom Flight, Inc. is a non-profit, educational corporation established in 1988, that seeks to honor and increase the awareness of P.O.W. /M.I.A. issue by using Hot Air Balloons. Our organization is ...

Michele's Personal Place
This is my tribute to all Proud Americans, and especially to those who have fought to preserve our freedom.

BUGZ BYTES is a potpourri of passions. It is hard to live over 60 {;}years, and not become passionate over several interests and/or issues. {;}I am on a mission to include, within my website, every experience ...

America Is Mourning
"America Is Mourning"is a tribute and a memorial to our beloved country and to all who have lost their lives when America was so cowardly attacked...

Proud to Be American-In memory of Sept. 11, 2001
Personal commentary, tribute and memorial to the tragic events of september 11th. Articles, Pictures, Music and more...

Patriotic Graphics
Patriotic graphics free to use on non profit web pages. Web elements, tags and graphics available. Also a tribute page to 9/11.

American Legion Junior Auxiliary Unit 286 Homepage
our activities and meeting dates, officers, learn about their responsibilites and learn about what we do as Junior Auxiliary Members

9-11-01 Memorial Page
9-11-01 Memorial Page. Other pages include pics of us, our friends and relatives. ACS "Relay For Life" page, Masonic Fraternity page, GIF page, Awards Pages, and more other pages than I can possibly ...

To show America WE WILL NEVER FORGET those left back in Vietnam by the very country that sent them. BRING THEM HOME!!

Cadraps Eagle Domain
My website about the bald eagle with info and photos.

World War II - it is time
They were ordinary people who half a century ago did nothing less than help save the world, Yet there is no national memorial to honor their sacrifice. IT IS TIME to say thanks.

Dave's Place
Dedicated to all Veterans, especially to those who still await their homecoming...{;}POW/MIA honor pages dedicated to Maj. Peter P. Pitman, USAF; Col. Robert A. Stewart, USAF and Maj. Eugene L. Walker, ...

Khe sanh Memories Vietnam 1967
My memories of Khe Sanh Combat Base,Viet{;}Nam with the Marine Corps, MAG 16 Fwd.{;}1967.

VO-67 Association
The Navy's Observation Squadron Sixty-Seven (VO-67) existed for just a little over a year, from February 1967 to July 1968. The "Observation" in the name is meaningless. It hid, at the time, what was a ...

God Bless America
This page is dedicated to all the families of victims, the survivors and everyone whose lives were forever changed on September 11, 2001. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

The Crying Eagle
Christian Liberty and Freedom for America and the Heart and Soul.

USA Tribute Quilt
For all those victims of the terriost attack, September 11, 2001. We will remember this day...The day the whole world mourned together and prayed together.

Military Page
Welcome to my army page.

B Troop 7/17th Air Cav
Site dedicated to the members of B Troop the 569th TC Det and their families. And especially for the surviving loved ones of those KIA.

Proud To Be American!!!
My tribute to the horrible events of September 11th and those who rushed in to help!

Quest of Sir Lurkalot
Come and relive the Renaissance Era, with the Quest of Sir Lurkalot. Also POW tribute and USMC dedication page. Stop by for a visit and take a look.

Corpsman, Medic UP!
Honocommunity all Corpsmen and Medics in the Armed forces Past and Present

His Sheep by the Shepherd's Voice
Teaching uncompromised truth, the gospel, prophecy, deliverance and spiritual warfare, Hebraic teachings, Israeli issues, politics, Catholicism, Ecumenicism, music, humor and more.

Military Wives United
A place where spouses, girlfriends and family members of all military branches are welcome to come for support and friendship or just to share their stories. Here we are United, not separated by branch, ...

John's Vietnam Tour of Duty
This site is my tour of duty in Danang and Phouc Tuy as a Preventive Medicine Specialist and Medic. It is a Healing site where I can begin to tell my story without the fear of rejection.

1964 Vietnam 1975
My web site is for all veterans, men and women, who have served in the armed forces honorably. It is alos for all patriotic US citizens.

The 'Mysterious Disappearance' of Glenn Miller
This was written by my father about the alleged 'mysterious disappearance' of Glenn Miller ducommunity World War II.

Diary of A Soldier
A collection of stories and experiences from Vet's. There is also a forum

1964 Vietnam 1975
My site is for all men and women who have served or are now serving in the U.S.Armed Forces

american trubine
american way of life or maybe it just me! is it? one man take on the insanity of being homeless on the mean streets of little rock arkansas and that

PFC Russell Byrd Adams KIA Viet Nam
This is a tribute to my cousin. His memory will live on!! Some gave all! Freedom is never free!

Yellow-Ribbon Support
There is nothing free about freedom, show your support