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Click Member link to see site in tvConey Island of the Mind
Writer and photographer in love with the city after 10 long years of living here and telling you why. And other stuff.

Mistify your mind
A site about a guy who fell in love with Kasumi Tendo from Ranma 1/2 and lives in the edge of discovery of what it means to be part of humanity

Come On, Get Lively
Personal blog of author Kathryn Lively...read, weep, repeat

I'm Not A Child Anymore
The semi-daily musings of an eighteen-year-old trying to prove to the world he's not a child anymore. And along the way, it'd be nice to prove it to himself, too.

Me, Myself, And I
A blog dealing with my life dealing with HIV. I go on rants about relgion, work, life in general, as well as medical issues.

Chasing Emma
Personal blog of a twentysomething.

A wandecommunity woman writes from Spain
Tales of an American woman in Spain: A little voice told me to quit the big city corporate gig and wander off to Spain. I listened, and these are my adventures!

Mel's Sims 2 Blog
This is a blog for my Sims 2 fan site.

Illuminated Obscurity
I used to think I was a wit; it turns out I was only half right.

Drunk With Ink
Journalism student writes about politics, race, religion and the media.

Mortal Seraphim
I am a pretty funny and brutally honest guy who leads a bocommunity but somewhat successful life. I'm a cool techie who knows God and is real instead of being one of those phony-fluffy-bunnie Christia ...

Tracis Tirades
My place to vent and rant and write.

Sarah\'s Thoughts And Deeds
Little blurbs in the life of a mother of 3 children.

DenisDeKat\'s Symposium
Rants and Raves by folks from the left coast.

Moonlight Pondecommunitys
Day to day life of an American living in England and currently planning her repatriation to the US with her British husband.

Mr. Sunshine
The ramblings of Mr. Sunshine!

Rainbow\'s Point
notes from the other side of strange

The Enigmatic Musings of a Cynical Mind
The random cynical, acerbic, sarcastic, wry, and sometimes humorous ramblings, thoughts, ideas & observations of man trapped in a world he didn't make.

WebLog focusing on political humor, current world events, politics, religion, sports and the endless every day shit that continuously hits the fan. Welcoming interactive comments and discussion in the ...

Go Ask Mombear!
Just blogging along....

the random life
the random life blog on starving arts

Kim And Christine:Hella Tight
The blog of two 17 year old girls discussing life as a senior, the unknown future, and an impending trip to Europe!

the horsephiles
a blog devoted to all things horse, featucommunity news, training tips, personal opinions, and journal entries from a cowboy wanna be

The Blogs of Roleplay
The net's first totally free RPG blogging community JUST for gamers and those who love them!

Rebel's Rants
Daily meme's, thoughts, ideas, rants, rambles, my dreams, and whatever else I can think of to put in here!!

Muchachas Negras v. 001 Ciara Princess of Hip-hop
Site for a young girl trying to come up in the internet society

Midnight Confessions
Private thoughts on a very personal journey. The before and aftermath of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia/ME.

Strictly for Therapy

Drink this...
The random rants, raves and recommendations of one tall glass of milk

A Bear\'s I
I was raised by a family of bears who were driven mad by the strain of passing for human. What I love most about Homo sapiens is its primate nature; what I most abhor is the part that tries to deny it ...

Bittersweet Me
my thoughts about life,love,politics and more

the snarkychick weblog... timely, informational, and just damn silly. say hello.

Sweet Spirits of Ammonia
Conservative political and religious rantings

Danz Family
Danz family blog, website and a whole lot more.

Americans for Freedom
As you stand for your own liberty, America stands with you. Updates and analysis on the march of democracy in the middle east

my personal adventure into adult webmastecommunity, thrown in with musings, news articles, links, blog references, and most importantly, ETC.

... notes from in and around MudHole, CA

Dovely's Nest
I write mostly about relgion, however often I go off on wild rants about whatever happens to be on my mind.

Moonflower Child
Just my simple blog about my life after meeting my wonderful English Hubby and moving from Michigan to England.

im a 23 year old drug addict with 7 years of drugs and high time under my belt. as life slowly began to disinegrate, i decided to give sobriety a try, for a 3rd time, on may 30, 2005. read my struggles ...

Rober's Thoughts
Anything that comes from Robert\'s head will be posted on the blog. Feel free to send some feedback and voice YOUR opinion. Thanks for reading mine

Dorene Lorenz
Only half the lies are true in these tales told by Alaskan author, artist, designer Dorene M. Lorenz.

Chronicles of Suzuki
A journal of my motorcycles experiences from the start.

The rants of a confused Indiana woman.

The False Reality
My false reality, of everything that seems so real, but in reality is nothing but a fallacy. What exists and what can be controlled? What do we think exists, and what do we think can be controlled? I do ...

Musings of an Ant Watcher
If you are wrestling with the big questions of life, this is a great place to catch your breath between bouts. Articles on life balance, healthy relationships, love, career and life purpose mixed with ...

The World of Maiden Fair
My world according to me.

Ask Daddy - Mommy is Off Duty
Ramblings about me, my family and my so-called adventures. I am a WAHM of a three-year-old genius. To pay the bills I am a medical transcriptionist and online retailers of women's lingerie and kid's ...

Contentment Acres
A Christian homeschooling family shares their life experiences on their 14 acre farm in rural Virginia. Blog entries could feature anything going on in our lives-our walk with Christ, homeschool, family ...

My Journey to Submission
my journal/journey to submission