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TCV is my weblog about life and such.

New American Centinel
New American Centinel is a non-judgmental place where people can discuss the war, politics, globalization, or anything else they feel is pertinent to the direction America seems to be taking

Holier Than Thou
A bunch of random thoughts randomly picked just for you. You'll like it.

try and read between the lines.

Warped Core: The Blog/Anti-Blog Reaction
On the contradictory terms of spreading the message of the ridiculousness of blogging, the Warped Core weblog was founded. Articles and commentaries on the general stupidity of humanity, random product ...

innocent bystander
Thoughts and stuff. To quote Seamus Heaney, "...no such thing as innocent bystanding."

This Conversation Seems Like A Dream
Generic day-to-day blog with talk about sports, books, music, movies, and occasionally, politics and the like. A place for the author to rant about work, stupid people, and generally just speak her mi ...

University Blog
The blog of a conservative college student in Illinois. Covers current affairs and contemporary issues from his perspective.

ladiosa dellago
A unique and delightful new blogger experience! This beautiful lady of the lake shares her innermost soul... with anybody who cares to step into her refreshing and introspective cyberspace!{;}

Days Come and Days Go
A collection of thoughts and photographs that I encounter each day in "my world".

When Boredom Sets In
I tend to write when boredom sets in. this is a blog of a 20-something woman, from San Diego.{;}

Daily photographs of the life and times of a New Yorker. All pictures taken with a Nokia 3650 cell/camera phone.

Experience of an MBA in USA
Blog describes the experienceof an international MBA student in USA

The Pat Cook Show - Pat's Blog
This is a blog that serves as a way of me speaking my mind. It will serve many purposes including serve as a compliment to my Internet Radio (and soon!) TV shows on the Jeeper One Radio & Television N ...

Random Scribbles: Mayumi's Daily Life
the blog of an overworked, underpaid, student/intern in LA. A link to my site and other stuff.

Political railings and mindless jibber-jabber....

A weblog focusing on anti-feminism, uncool politics, and random jibba jabba.

The enigmatic Musings of a Cynical Mind
The random and sometimes humorous thooughts, ideas, and observations of a man trapped in a world he didn't create.

American PhotoBlog
Discussion of my photos of American landscape, historical artifacts, or anything strange and unusual that's caught my eye over the years.

The IdeaBlogue
Tzu Kung asked,"Does the Superior Man also have things that he hates?" Confucius said, "He does. He hates those who advertise the faults of others. He hates those who abide in lowliness and slander the ...

mischievous prairie pixie
a blog of a bored teen in kansas living and growing up

The Ultimate Guide To insanity
A guide to the insane life of a girl. With senile grannies, crazily psychotic friends, and could-be- shakespearian phrases, this "blog", or ejournal will have you questioning your personal sanity. It's ...

A Mindful Life: Express, Discover, Renew, Create
Thoughts and resources about mental health and living fully.

eGovernment Weblog
a look at news, technology, and social issues surrounding the use of infromation technology by government agencies.

Personal blog of a severely affected ME sufferer - known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis here in Britain, or Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Sydrome (CFIDS) in the USA. Japan Blogs and Scottish Blogs ...

Caffeinated Ramblings of a Coffee Achiever
The caffeinated ramblings of a coffee achiever: brewed fresh daily!

Alana's World
A look into the interesting life of Alana.

she's actual size, but she seems much bigger.

False Impressions
blog of an american-asian.

Among the Missing
basically my lif eon the web. any opinions, statements, pondecommunitys, musings, etc..go here.

My lil' place in cyberspace

Renaissance Porn
Inane ramblings - it's a blog! Sorry, not actual porn.

Dozer Online
The ongoing story of an aspicommunity writer in Washington DC.

grep computer(s)
Technology is part of our everyday lives - even if we don't see it. Computers happen to be a bigger part of my life than most others. But there *is* more to my life than computers...

The continued misadventures of an eccentric cartoonist leading a triple life. Warning: Parched sense of humor ahead.

this site sucks
i live in america (for only a short while, but so?), have a blog, and am a born-again misanthrope. misery enjoys company so come on over and let me make you as unhappy as i am.

prototype carbon
my personal bloggie...about everything and nothing.

Yellow Bellow
My blog/journal

the story of a girl who shares truth for hopeless romantics in the digital world. its a journal all about me!

Drunken observations on the Human condition.

Letters to God
Personal, one-sided communication between one man and his God

Get That Job!
Job search help, career advice, links to job-related websites, success stories, quotations, quotes

"Dreams will only become real *after* you take action." ---Kimberly Teed

this little life of mine
Welcome to this little life of mine.

journal is as blogger does. enjoy the me-centricity.

Just stuff I feel like writing about....and a lot of links!

D Train, The
I'm a cam whore, no . . . I'm totally goth . . . wait a sec, I'm a twenty something girl complaining about guys . . . Hold on, it's coming to me;

Aa's Blog : Aldo Alvarez
weblog of the author of INTERESTING MONSTERS : Fictions (Graywolf Press) -- featucommunity literary, arts, music, hipster and LGBT links

Ursula's Not So Secret History
The inner thoughts of a 30-something single gal living in Chicago, Illinois.

It's Trouble...FCSuper's Blog
Cause as much trouble as possible without getting busted! Includes: Funny stories about my friends, rants about anything, thangs about me and other stuff.