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There are weblog communitys for Aussies, Brits, Canadians and just about everyone else. So, why not one for us Yanks. Everyone else around the world hates us, so the least we can do is show some love for each other.

A Welsh Girl In Washington
A day and a life of a Welsh Girl Living in Washington State with her American husband. We met online and are now married.

Sylvia Day | Sensual Romance Author :: Blog
Romance author Sylvia Day shares the trials and triumphs of working in today's publishing industry.

Damaged-Girl [dot] net
The blog of a 20 something female living in Boston. With pet and city cams. Parents please be aware that this a blog of a survivor child abuse and rape and sometimes entries may be written about these ...

A journal of insites, ideas, and comments about careers, the job search, resumes, and related topics.

Correct But Not Politically Correct
This blog is dedicated to stating Politically INCORRECT information and offending as many people as possible. By "Correct" this means correct by MY OPINION -- but everyone has assholes right?

Germany Doesn't Suck
Journals of an American with a love/hate relationship for Germany

Daysleeping it all away... Bryan Anthony, A personal weblog
This website is all about me. I am more-or-less just like you, but funnier. Make sure to check out my gallery

2 Little Monkeys
My personal space to bitch about my life.

Jet\'s Life: The Misadventures of a Spoilt Brat
Come check out my blog and be up to date with the drama in my life.

Religion, politics, culture - because language is a virus. The jottings of an academic mom interested in anything viral.

Freudian Slip
A mind poucommunity over memories of insanity, searching for happiness...

Hooah Wife
The journal of a conervative Jewish army wife and mother of 3. I will write about politics, current events, my life as a mom whose hubby is serving in Iraq.

sophie's fair
sophie? who is she? a guerilla artist and kid-friendly blogger who still goes to Sunday School... does a mean pas de chat and grande jete... stinks at playing drums... learned french from her flighty french ...

blog of satu
blog of satu - not a rich dessert, but the blog of the posterchild of non-traditional students everywhere; please welcome... Satu Harris! blog dis - this is part of my blog and a research medium for my ...

Chillmost: Notes from Germany
I am an American living in Germany. It\'s a far away land on the other side of the ocean. It\'s interesting and often weird here.

a blog and stuff

With a Dragon's Breathe and a Sword's Edge
My inane atempt at a blog o.O;; tis all I shall say on that matter.

Random rants and raves about music, sports, books, movies, etc...

Bitch-sessions is an open forum in which expression of ideas is encouraged, ranging from social commentary, amusing anecdotes, concert reviews, and relationship philosophy.

american drool
The rants, raves, and insights of a soldier deployed to Bagdahd, Iraq.

Bad Samaritan
Last in line for the Nobel Peace Prize. First in line for pie.

Creditwrench teaches how to deal with abusive debt collectors{;}

I Am Pariah
design + writing + free scripts + blog + the Memes List + the Saturday Slant + me + my vision + my voice - frequently commended for design excellence

This is my personal site. It has a blog and other goodies.

Joanie - Hairy Toes and the Lemonade Rhino
It's all about me! Really. I'm honest, bitter, occasionally joyous, and I bare it all emotionally. Don't like it? Bite me.