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Lay your soul on a slab for all to see. Whatever religion, non-religion, race, creed, morals, lack of morals, juvenile, mature, sinful, pious, absurd, racy, maniacal, brilliant, amorous, delusional, habitual behaviors you have, this community embraces it. Spill your guts, spit your venom, preach, pout, ramble incessantly, but whatever you do, please oh please, do it with character. This is the time to grasp your place in cyberspace and keep your hold. Create a legend. Make your mark. Even if it bruises.

PunkRock Till You Puke
My homepage with ton's of good stuff!

Doug's Realm On The Internet
Short bio, things that suck, life sucks Lot of neat links also.

Poetry of C. E. Laine, gateway to eZines published by C. E. Laine including VLQ, Erosha, The Eclipse, and Painted Poetry.

lauras pit
hello you found me... my site contains poetry and art and photos I have to share, my first page will give you a good idea of what I am

A JtHM site with lots of pictures of Johnny... I have the most in all tha websites! (love me) If you don't come her now I will shove peas up yer ass. Bloogh. I have lots of HNB pics.

The Marshmallow Tree
Witty, classy, intelligent, entertaining, informative, constipated, and extremely, oh wait. Scratch that last one. Damn! How do you delete?

The continued misadventures of an eccentric cartoonist leading a triple life. Warning: Parched sense of humor ahead.

--- Happy Meal's SiSSY SiTE ---
this is my site dedicated to www.SiSSYFiGHT.com --- contains my ART, ICONS, info about me and much more. Come and see for yourself

alinda's lake palace
a personal site, a place for the extroflections of my ego to feel cozy and at home in

Big Fat Har Rules!!!
A well researched and fact filled look into the man ,the myth, the one and only Big Fat Har!!!

i like to rant. at least im not afraid to be myself.

Rachelle Rose
art. attitude. atomic love.

..spending life in the Lost and Found..
Delve into the psyche of a 28-year-old misanthropic chick with a crazy, cock-eyed sock monkey sidekick! Read the Adventures Of Alva Starr and feel blessed that you didn't get her life. It's much like ...

Creepy Gyrl's Tangled Web
A glimpse into my tangled world.....

The band Lethargic, punk silents dollmaker featucommunity guys and girls, my punk dolls, artwork,poetry and poetry submissions, and quizzes!

MariŽt's Power Passion Page
Ford Mustang and harley site with a lot of fun stuff

Wiseman Publications at Authorsden
An eclectic and versatile group of writings from the nationally acclaimed author Tyler Joseph Wiseman. Feel free to sign the message board, including your favorite magazines or personal web pages if your ...

Thoughts of a Mad Man in NC
This is a blog containing the (ir)rational thoughts of a mad man. Filled with some sarcasm, thoughts, reflections and general outlook on life.

A collection of poetry (either written by me or by the world's best writers), quotes (about love & the business world), books and images I've created. Come take a look...

Not Forsaken
Interactive learning, for all faiths that believe in the Bible.

Coach Class Main Page
Coach Class is a class of quality Gothic WebCommunitys, which contain a vast array of services anywhere from band sites to quality clothing stores. Get started, and keep on coachin'!

Anti Aging Magnetic Field Technology
Our bodies are made of atomic particles (atoms). Each atom has a negative (Electron) and a positive (Proton) charge just like a Magnet has a north (positive) and South (negative) pole. If we apply a ...