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Joins together information, breeders and the Alpine Dairy Goat.

Janbouree and Ladies Choice Farms maintains a small select herd of Alpine and Toggenburg Dairy goats in Southeastern, Massachusetts.

Dark Raptor Alpines
We have Alpines and a few boers.{;}Here you will fine art work, animations, and herd imformation.{;}

Northern Dreams Farm
Jamie and i own a herd of 56 alpines and 20 suffolk sheep. We currently have recorded grade alpines, american alpines ,and 2 french alpines. Learn of our upgrading with the alpines and success we have ...

Hilltop Ranch Caprines
Hi, my name is Katy Trumbull and I raise Alpines and Nubians under the herd name HILLTOP RANCH.

Mi*Esperar Dairy Goats
This site contains encompasses my entire herd -- does, kids, and animals for sale. We only have limited animals for sale each year, with only a yearling buck remaining for 2001!!

Strawberry Fields Alpines
We raise quality French and American Alpines. Our herd is on DHIR and is linear appraised. Enjoy our many pictures, lineages and a monthy funny.

JHEH Alpines
A site devoted to shacommunity my Alpines with other Alpine lovers

Pearl Valley Alpines
Top quality alpine dairy goats for both show and milk. Very competitive in the show community with heavy (top 10)milk produciton. Also excellent confirmation with linear appraisal scores to confirm.

Sunrise Meadows Dairy Goats
We raise Toggenburg and Alpine Dairy Goats

Seau a Lait Dairy Goats
I have a small herd of Alpine does and two very nice bucks. My goal is to breed *M that will do well in the showcommunity. I also make and sell Artesian quality Goat's Milk soap with Honey and Oatme ...

Alpine Dairy Goat Community Home Page
Home Pge for the Alpine Dairy Goat Community

Glenhardin Farm Alpine Dairy Goats
Description and history of our North Central Texas farm and herd, including pedigrees and photos, and links to other dairy goat and goat-related sites.

Gemini Goats
Devoted to breeding quality Alpines. Located in Arkansas and at one time had a small commercial goat dairy.

Soldier Mountain Alpines
A small, productive, show herd of Alpine dairy goats located in Southcentral Idaho.

Misty Acres Farm and Kennel
We cordially invite you to take a look around our Farm & Kennel. We carry a nice selection of: Purebred Alpine & Nubian Goats, Shetland Sheep with various natural colored fleeces & Turkish Kangal Livestock ...

Tejas Ranch
We are small working North East Texas American Barbado Trophy Ranch striving to create a top quality outlet for the best American Blackbelly sheep, Painted Desert Sheep & Pygmy Goats we can provide as ...

Fiddler's Ridge Dairy
Fiddler's Ridge Dairy offers show animals that are on LA and DHIR. Our entire herd is tested annualy for CAE and CL.

Luv-1-N-Udder Alpines
Raising French and American Alpine Dairy Goats in the beautiful Hocking Hills of Ohio. We have a small select herd and breed for beauty, conformity, productivity and temperament. Please visit our we ...

Soldier Mountain Alpines
Raising productive Alpine dairy goats in South Central Idaho. We have had several Top Ten milkers and appraise regularly. Our does have done extremely well in the show community and have the LA scores ...

Maple Hill Soap (Island Alpines)
Maple Hill goat-milk Soap on Whidbey Island, WA. Info blog on goats, goat-milk soap, goat cheese, and other daily life stuff.

Mullins Alpine Goats
We raise French and Experimental Alpine Goats in Conway, Arkansas. We purchased our buck in 2008, and our french doe in 2009. We plan on starting to show our doe this year at the Arkansas State Fair, ...