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All Roads is a community for all sites that fit a fantasy theme. Dragons and elves, unicorns and fairies... from books to movies, music, art, fanfic and more. If your site is a fantasy or science fiction site, this community is for you! We welcome those who walk all roads of fantasy and science fiction here.

Quantum Muse
Posting the finest in sci-fi, fantasy and alternative writing and artwork. For free. In our sober moments...

Faeries, Elves & Pixies Fair
Fantasy art galleries featucommunity female faeries, elves, pixies and other woodland folk.

Crooty's Fantasy Book Database
Database of over 8300 fantasy books by 2100 authors. Links and some reviews.

Conjury Nook
Conjury Nook is a virtual cottage in a mythical countryside; within are snippets of all that interests me & samples of my writing.

Pegasus Warrior
This page has everything from Unicorns,Pegasus,wildlife to Creatures 2 for norn lovers.

Keene Kreations
This is a graphics site with a small but growing section of fantasy graphics. Snowglobes, websets and OE stationery

Silver Dragon Breath
Silver Dragon Breath, a dragon community, to meet dragons, learn about their lives today and in the past, see them in myths, books and games, on images and find original dragon recipes.

A Dragon's Tale
A Dragon's Tale

Sci-Fi Themes by Wags0719
Original desktop themes, screensavers, wallpaper, animated gifs & more featucommunity Sci-Fi TV series such as Star Trek Voyager, Sliders & others.

Sapphae Fantasy Creations
Just a little collection of some of my artwork for you to enjoy, updated regularly so please check back often. Any art here can be made on a teeshirt or other merchandise. Comissions, requests. Please ...

The hub of All Roads is the Krossroadz. Join here or edit a site already in the community.

Vithrawen La'Don - The Third Eye
The Third Eye is my original tribute to all the magickind throughout the realms. Whether you be Mortal, Lycanthrope, Kindred, Fae or Shifter, here is a place of refuge and understanding. A place of vast ...

Becky's Wildlife and Fantasy Art
Professional wildlife and fantasy paintings and illustrations by Rebecca Kemp.

Amethyst's Fae Enchantment
My new site is devoted to my recent fascination of the Fae, I believe!!

Wise Wayz
A gathecommunity place to share information and for exploration. Spirituality...Healing...Magick...Community

Maaginen's Keep in the Sythian Forrest
Enter the Sythian Forrest to see what lurks within.

The Silver Feather Gallery
Do you like original fantasy and science fiction art? If so, this gallery is for you! Elves, gothic and fairy tale, manga, cartoons and more. Buy a t-shirt or a poster or just browse the images.

Windy Nights
Original fantasy art by a graphic artist

Bow. James Bow
The blog of 32-year-old aspicommunity writer James Bow and his works. Links to Doctor Who, Harry Potter and original science-fantasy fiction, he also holds forth on his writing, and urban issues.

The homepage of apoet, rpg fantatic, dragon and fatnasy lover, writer and more.

crystals by rob
This site is about crystals and gemstones. How to program, cleanse and charge your crystals. An extensive list of gemstones with their healing properties and related chakras. Also many pages on fantasy ...

Si Vous Play Models & Miniatures by Jim Jackson
Galleries of miniatures, custom buildings, & custom dioramas used for fantasy roleplaying and wargaming.

Maryannes Star Trek and Doctor Who Download Page
Lots of Star Trek and Doctor Who stuff for download. Includes themes, screen savers, games and more.

The Dark Side - A Site for Fans of the Sith & Empire
A site for fans of Star Wars, specifically the Empire and the Sith; which includes a forum, a history of the Empire and the Sith, including luminaries like Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine, relevant links, ...

Harry Potter Library
This site contains Harry Potter fan fiction. The fan fictions are AUs about Harry living with his Godfather Sirius.