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Allies among PBP games.

Metamorphosis: An X-Men AU
Metamorphosis is a text-based play-by-post role playing game for adults. The game takes place in an alternate X-Men universe, featucommunity reinterpretations of canon characters. What if Logan was a woman? ...

ThoughtCrime - an X-Men/1984 rpg
After WWII, the Party took over. England and the US have been brought together as Oceania, and it is in a state of constant war oversease. Oceania is run in three casts- the Telepathic and elite Inner ...

Legend of Askos
Legend of Askos is a play-by-post RPG that takes place in a completely original world. Specifically, we are looking for mature players, but not necessarily ones with years of role playing experience.

Dragon Riders of Kreysthahl
Welcome to a world where dragons have existed since time immemorial. Humans have landed on the Planet Kreysthahl. When the dragons were found, a few humans were able to be Impressed and thereby became ...

Allies Among PBP Games
Allies among pbp games.