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A catchall blog for my krafty projects

Pick Up Sticks
My life of haphazard parenting and disastrous knitting. Plenty of chardonnay. Come in for a quick drink, we love company here.

Textile and art work, free knitting and crochet patterns, and some cows

Freak of Knit-ture
Talkin about me, my knitting and my dogs

the krazybarrister
musings on my knitting and crochet habits, and any other random topic that comes to mind.

the Statistical Improbability of My Existence
random thoughts of an obsessive knitter/painter/ATC-maker...the only thing that keep this nerd from creating non-stop is the neverending quest for new things to create. sarcasm and cynicism abound...

In the Bakery
A behind the scenes look at my crafty design business, Bake Sale Designs, plus my life, cookies and other stuff.

Knifty Knitter
Lots of knitting, and some other stuff too!

A Day in the Life of Sachi...
I knit, I crochet, I sew (sort of). General mind-spill and the occasional cute dog or kitty picture.

Crafty Diversions
A personal blog mostly about my hobbies, crafts, obsessions and other creative endeavors (mostly knitting). Okay, there are also some misc. rants and ramblings. Also free patterns and a project galler ...

Amy's Babies
Handmade crochet amigurumi dolls

My Etsy crafty blog - featucommunity my own work, the work of those I love and other crafty goodness!

cherry blossom crafts

Chronicles of Yarnia
If it's fiber related, I am doing it, or talking about doing it.

Meshell's Little Corner of the World...
Meshell's Little Corner of the World...The crafty doings of a 20 year old library assistant, art and textiles uni student and girl who loves to MAKE THINGS.

Creative Overload
A window into my artistic and creative attempts, with other random stuff thrown in for good measure.

She's Foxy and Crafty

Rock n' Roll, Crafty Stuff, and whatever else comes to mind

I'm a South Aussie who loves to knit, crochet, quilt, sew ... the list goes on :-)

Gettin" Crafty and Other Adventures
The Ramblings of an Obsessed Crafter!

Crafty & Cool
Stuff that I have crafted, baked, or otherwise find to be cool.

Paws for Effect

CapnG Crafts

Jennifers Junk
Art. music, sleeping, reading, making stuff. and my dog buddy. I like to tell complete strangers my innermost thoughts.

Berry Farie Crafts
A little bit of everything.

Confessons of an ADHD-esque crafter who's constantly torn between whether to sew or bead or glue next...or something completely different.

The DIY Girl
I'm a DIY girl with a passion for crafts and sewing. On my blog we share tips and tricks and pass along great deals we've found!

Crafty Nerd...
All that is crafty in the land of me! I enjoy crocheting, sewing, photography, paper crafts, and I'm sure there are more...

knitting bare
I paint and I knit..not necessarily in that order.

Make Me
Knitting and a host of other crafty stuff. But mostly knitting.

the superhooker
All about the hook. and needles. and other things that can kill you. Like Camus....

Up Late
I knit too much, but I like to share my adventures, in all my endeavors be it crafty or otherwise. I do post pic's so come and see.

A blog for knitting babblings and pictures.

From the HEARTland
A little stitching, a little min pin and a whole lot of fun things!

llama llama duck
I'm a Craftster! I have a wide range of interests that show up in my blog from time to time. Knitting, tatting, quilting, spinning, and of course lots of pictures of my dog.

knitting diary & online diary of a 29 year old working mom from NJ

The creative outlet of a compulsive crafter in Philadelphia--blogging about knitting, crocheting, crafting in general, printmaking, photography, environmentalism, and friends who play beautiful music in ...

Tempted Hand Painted Yarns
The adventures of 2 women and their yarn. Knitting, Spinning and dyeing.

rebel knits
knitting, spinning, family and friends

Stickyfingers Crafts
A place where I drone on and on about the things I make and how I live my life.

Taj's Ramblings
Rambling on about my knitting, family and life in general.... but mostly about my knitting!

Knit Creature Rescue Society
Providing knit creatures new and old with the care and respect they deserve.

Samsara's Scribblings
The random ramblings of a craft addict. I blog about all my projects, my life, and my family

Blue Bear
All of the crafty stuff- it just takes me a little while to get it finished. I am a slow crafter, but I get easily inspired and do manage to finish projects from time to time. I am also new to the Seattle ...

Knittinfun Blog
Knitting, Loving and Living on the Gulf Coast

Harsh lessons in what not to knit.

The Dust Bunnies Will Wait
My name is Kimberly and this is my place to discuss ramble about different things. Some things I feel very strongly about, while others are somewhat funny witty. óż I óż Jesus. I am happily married ...

Life in 553
I am a scatter-brain. I'm all for functional DIY, refashioning and knitting.

Dog Gone Knitting
Handmade baby items and other cute things