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Sites that hold fast to the traditional teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and reject the doctrine of the Second Vatican Council. Featucommunity traditional Roman Catholic sites and sites dedicated to the Traditional pre 1962 Latin Mass and Roman Catholic Traditional beliefs and practises of 2000 years. Those practising papolatry or Maryolatry and those sites which preach error or new age heresy will not be considered for membership. This community does not accept blog pages.

Thank Your Favourite Saint
Thank your favourite Saint, a site where you can thank your favourite Traditional Catholic Saint for their intercession and for prayers answered, just click the link below.

Traditional Catechism Online
This Catechism is a faithful adaptation of Father Connell's The New Baltimore Catechism No. 2 of 1941, and is suitable for study by traditional Roman Catholics. It reflects the teachings Faith and Morals ...