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Welcome to the American History & Genealogy Project (AHGP), an unincorporated not-for-profit network of independent State History & Genealogy, and Topical Projects linked together, covecommunity North American Countries and Territories. {;}

Genealogy of Elaine Denton
The search for my family began just trying to find my father. He died before I was even old enough to think about trying to find him. On these pages is the results of my search and how far this search ...

My Surnames
Griegoliet, Stemwell, Henley, Gaither, {;} Gruhlke, Wilder, King, Smith, {;} Eden, Burdick, Monroe, Carr, {;} Kohler, Westerman, Patrick, Prentice, {;} Mack, Tietz, Nicholson, Cunningham, {;} Specht, ...

[Missouri] MO-AHGP Project
The Missouri State Page of the American History and Genealogy Project. Historical and genealogical information about the State of Missouri{;}{;}{;}

Lapeer, MI, History and Genealogy
Free online history and genealogy.

Our Family Paths
This site is a center point for all our family research. Contains pages on surname Scott,Price, Kellogg among others. States involved are Michigan,Ohio,NewYork,Conn. Vermont, and others

The Jankowski Family Genealogy Website
The Jankowski family tree. Our family goes back to Virginia on the Jankowski side. With Grandpa jankowski born in Gilliespe Virgina which is now under water. The Andersons where American Indian full ...

Carter County, Oklahoma History and Genealogy
Carter County, Oklahoma History and Genealogy-

38th North Carolina Infantry Regiment
History and rosters of the 38th North Carolina Infantry Regiment, Pender/Scales Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia

Seminole County, Oklahoma History
History and genealogy of Seminole County, Oklahoma

Mr. Mix Webrancho!
The official site of Russia's foremost country music singer & songwriter, who is strongly dedicated to CSA history.

34th North Carolina Infantry Regiment
History anf rosters of the 34th North Carolina Infantry Regiment, Pender/Scales Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia

Welcome To Murray County, Georgia
A site listing resource documents to aid and connect family researchers and historians.

Richmond County, Georgia AHGP
Genealogy and history resources to aid and connect reseachers and historians.

Welcome To Banks County, Georgia
Resources to aid and connect researchers and historians.

Patti's Genealogy Site
Researching my family history from Germany,Ireland,England and Canada to Iowa,Wisconsin,New York, Ohio and the rest of the USA

Caywood Family web site
History, Lineage, Pictures, and FAQ's of one of the oldest families in Yorkshire. Also my Scot/Irish surname of McCord.{;}


Williamson County, Illinois
A Williamson County, Illinois genealogy and history site, which includes many records and links, where Williamson County, Illinois historians and surname researchers can connect and help each other.

Mississippi in the War Between the States Homepage
Links to many unit histories and rosters, photos, documents and other things pertaining to the civil war in Mississippi. Stop by and sign our roster and join in on a discussion on the message board.

The American History and Genealogy Project Homepage
an unincorporated not-for-profit network of independent sites devoted to History & Genealogy, and covecommunity North American Countries and Territories.

The History and Genealogy of Waterbury, CT
This is the official home of the CT-Waterbury-L@rootsweb.com mailing list. Together we are researching and shacommunity information on the history and genealogy of Waterbury Connecticut.

Homepage of Michael & Doris Robbins
Most of our families lived in GA & AL, but do have some roots in the Carolinas and VA. Started out with two family names and now have well over 100. Each new generation adds more family names.{;}{;}A ...

Aigner Family Tree
This site is dedicated to my Aigner ancestry. It includes my family, family photos, and 2 pages of Aigners I can't fit into my family tree.

Paula's Genealogy Corner
Early settlers of Essex County, Massachusetts, mostly Essex, Ipswich, Beverly, Salem, Newbury. Surnames include Andrews, Burnham, Choate, Cogswell, Dodge, Edwards, Farnham, Foster, Goodhue, Goodwin, Lunt, ...

Cavaliers & Cossacks
Genealogy told through images and family trees. Photos dating back to the civil war, documents dating back to the 1500s. History of Vikings & Cossacks, and helful links for researching. Surnames include ...