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halocaustic (.uk)
Normally selling unique and original cyber hair pieces and falls, and also hand made cyber clothing. Sometimes selling boots and other cyber gear :)

Homemade wears and accessories such pony falls, dread falls, anime falls as well as other cyber kitty gifts.

Right now I'm just a buyer, but I hope to sell soon... goth clothing, assorted accessories and memorabilia, like that.

melpomene (.ca)
I usually sell goth and vintage clothing/accessories, as well as goth and alternative music (mostly CDs and vinyl, some rareties). See my page for my current listings, feedback and personal info.

Items: Sales and Lusts :o) I generally sell *unique* Gothic clothing, often (but not exclusively) 2nd hand but*AlwayS* in *As New* condition (eBay) Since I tend to be an eclectic hippy/vamp/Romatigoth, ...

scorn_pie (.uk)
cute, evil and unique creations - accessories and clothing!

inkdrnker (.uk)
Various gothy items of clothing that just aren't right for me anymore.

Personal closet cleaning and house cleaning of a shop-aholic.

...Mostly new handmade clothing, jewelry and other accoutrements inspired by Gothic, Victorian, Art Nouveau and Pre-Rapaelite styles. ....Sometimes things I don't wear or fit in anymore. Merci!

Ultimately, the focus is handmade jewelry in many styles, from kitschy to classy, from demure to obvious. Many pieces feature gothic, Victorian/Art Nouveau and Asian influences. But other things will ...

Virtual jumble sale--books, cd's, computer parts, programs, comics, cosmetics, gently worn clothing in both plus and eensy sizes, and various bits and bobs of my life. Look--you know you want to :)

I don't often sell stuff, but I'm more than happy to bid on yours! Come on by and visit!

A Sanrio and clothing addict. Plus sizes! Yay!

Find all types of new and used gothic clothing for auction. Wether your looking for a pair of velvet gloves or a ball gown, we probably have it up for auction!

Not so run-of-the-mill ebay seller with wares ranging from corsets and platform boots to cloth diapecommunity and midwifery-oriented items.{;}I generally spend most of my time as a buyer of gothic goodies, ...

"Alternative" modeling/cosplay clothes, shoes, wigs, costumes and more.

Seller of records, clothes, boots, stuff. Buyer of records, clothes, boots, stuff. Hey, circulation is good for the body!

There is usually an interesting mix of clothing, books, comics, jewelry, shoes, boots & whatever else I can find!

Gently used clothes, and other random things.

Central page showing all current ebay auctions & feedback, as well as various & sundry facts about my humble self. :-)

eebayjoy...clothes, music, curiosities, and more!

vampirewear (.ca)
Specializing in hand made Blood Vial Fang necklaces,earcommunitys and jewellery. We also feature very unique gothic clothing featucommunity vampire bites on the neck of every shirt. As a frightfully fun ...

Unique gothic clothing custom made for you, inspired by the Gothic and Lolita fashion of Japan.

Gothi, diy, fashion, clothing ect.

A Fabric Boutique serving the DIY and fashion-forward home sewer or professional seamstress. We specialize in stretch knits, lingerie supplies, fake fur, animal prints, zippers, purse supplies, and more. ...