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Those who ride the Africa Twin understand that it has a culture all it's own! See the fun you can be having by hopping onto one of Honda's Africa Twin motorcycles and really start living on the edge!
For those who already know the thrill of riding the Africa Twin, use this community to find others that share your passion and even find experts and riders who you can swap information and tips with.

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Africa Twin Fans Are Loyal to Their Bike

Fan of the Honda XRV750, also known as the Africa Twin, think it’s the best motorcycle ever made. Naturally other bikers will disagree, but the Africa Twin has its own power and panache.

The bike gets its name from having won the Paris Dakar rally three times in the late 1980s. It comes in two versions, 650cc and 750cc. Either way, the Africa Twin is a tall bike that delivers on a tall order.

Technically, the NXR-750 is supposed to be an off-road trail bike. Riders report, however, that riding the rough is not the African Twin’s best use. One tester that the Africa Twin delivers exactly what it promises on the road, turning bumpy city streets into a smooth commute because of a commaning riding position, a supple suspension, excellent rear shock, and good ground clearance. A reviewer praised the bike’s smooth handling and hustle around corners, noting that the  XRV750’s key characteristic is balance, which lets the ride push the tires a bit more.

If the devil is in the details, then the XRV750’s details are devilishly impressive. There’s excellent fuel economy, returning around 50 mpg per gallon. Its 6-gallon tank (23 liters) gives good range. There’s a useful rear rack with built-in passenger grab rails and bungee hooks. The African Twin can hit 110 mph flat-out, and can cruise for long periods at 80-90 mph on roadways.

The drive sits up straight on the Africa Twin, with wide handlebars bearing hand-guards, and wide-set mirrors that give a good view. The fairing and screen are narrow, but the wind is deflected quite well from the rider´s body.

One tester found the XRV’s hard, “enduro” type saddle annoying, considering that the Africa Twin is intended as a touring bike. He also didn’t like the lack of space under the seat and found the storage cubbyhole to be insufficient. The bike also has an old-fashioned 21-inch front wheel that restricts tire choices. Owners also report that the bike has had good resale value – there’s no such thing as a cheap pre-owned Africa Twin.

Sadly, Americans have been mostly unable to enjoy the Africa Twin’s many benefits because it has been very difficult to get them imported. Those who have managed to get them into the United States have either brought the Africa Twin in as parts, which aren’t regulated, or contact an independent commercial importer and pay some hefty fees to comply with federal regulations.

Even sadder, it’s looking as if the Africa Twin is being phased out after 10 years of production for a newer motorcycle, the Varadero 1000. One reviewer said the Varadero is a “much softer” still of bike, lacking the Africa Twin’s steering prevision, ground clearance, build quality and fuel economy of the XRV 750.
While the Varadero may win points on comfort, the Africa Twin still has that spirit of adventure. That spirit stretches back to the days of the Paris-Dakar cycle races in the 80s, when cycle manufacturers went in with monster off-roaders that were made softer touring roadsters to become street-legal.

Motorcycle enthusiasts may want to see about getting a demo ride on an Africa Twin while they’re still making them.