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*** Since 1997 ***{;}This Community involves and is open to all past, present and future residers of the newsgroup Alt.Fan.Dragons, the IRC Channel #afd (DALnet or simular) and/or Alfandria MUCK. If you participate in any or all of these groups or are interested in Community participation, join today!

Gelgisith, Wyvern of Zyrox
A website about Gelgisith and hir homeworld, the Fair World of Zyrox

velvet dragon [dot] com
A Dragon word search, Dragon glossary, and the home of the Real Dragon List. Quite a variety of Draconic stuff, as brought to you by Tserisa.

Studio Stormdancer
Athelind and Quelonzia's Studio. Gallerys, Poetry, Stories, Rants, Dragon Gathers

Galleanea Lair
My first three dragons. Also has links to my other pages.

Out of the ashes of my original Drako's Lair comes the new ~DRAKO'S LAIR~ {;}My site is the home of the Majestic Dragon Community. I am adding new stuff all the time so please stop in to see whats new ...

Firewizards dragons and Magick
We are under construction, but so far, we have spells, meditations, divination, draconic topics, informational links, and more.{;}{;}Whats coming? We will have a dragon art page, forum board, a Q&A board, ...

Hasai's Literature Page
Home of the Steel Dragon saga.

Clan of the Dragon
A site for those interested in developing a working, magical relationship with Dragons.

The Realms of Mistyc
The homepage of Weyrlady, The Lady of the Morning Star. Includes the AFD Names List and the AFD Tags List.

Kilroy's Home
Just another dragon-owned website. Nothing too fancy yet. :p

Lair of the Bronze Dragon
A collection of short stories and a growing novella titled The Death and Life of a Dragon. Mostly dragon and gryphon short stories but also a growing collection of non fiction and anthropormorphic, AKA ...

Khadrix's Lair
*is seen looking off into space*{;}Huh? Oh! A descriptiopn? Hmmm...its my lair...well the one in Cyberspace anyway. I got a few stories, and stuff. And...well, I live here, sort of.

Hrogndzeln's Lair
Prepare to be muddled as you enter into Hrogndzeln's Lair, a strange site devoted to anything Draconic, art, ramblings, Zadus, and a really good cup of tea. (Well, YOU might not experience the 'really ...

Hao's page o' doodles
A simple webpage of the dragon art that I drew and some other stuff. Enjoy. :)

EbonDragon Art
Original dragon art, sculptures, short stories and more from EbonDragon Productions. If you love dragons or know someone who does, stop by today!

DragonLord's Domain
Dragon art, banner exchange, apply for my award, free graphics, and more

the life of dragons
this site is dedicated to dragons, new site

Random Dragons Den
This site is for the common dragon lover and is 100% my work all work is also copyrighted so no stealing beware adult material inside

Theri There
Theri There is a web-comic about therianthropy and draconity. It's not about heroes who physically shapeshift into werewolves to fight mad scientists. It's about the spiritualities of real people.

The Dragon Stone
This site has a large collection of draconic lore including mythology from around the world, fantasy literature information, alchemy and heraldry. Fun items include a dragon name generator and clipart ...

Art and Writing of Orion Sandstorrm
Art tips, comics, and well-researched essays about dragons, otherkin, and mythology. Rated G, all original content.