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This community is an extension of alt.fan.alt-fan-pratchett. Basically a gathecommunity of afpers who have webpages. An afper is a reader of the Usenet newsgroup alt.fan.pratchett (a bunch of earthlings who happen to like the author Terry Pratchett).

Laurabelle's home page, with online journal

A list of afpers homepages.

Sockii's Daze
Sockii's narcissistic introspection.

The Discworld Compendium
All you ever wanted to know about Terry Pratchett's Discworld cycle

Unseen Software - Home of The Terry Pratchett Quote Database
The home for the freeware Terry Pratchett quote database called "Pratchettes". Over 4600 entries that are searchable, editable and expandable. All free with many extras and versions for both Windows and ...