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A community community for mediators, arbitrators, negotiators, attorneys, conflict resolution educators, collaborative professionals, trainers, peer mediators, peace-builders, and dispute management professionals of all kinds to share their blogs or their web sites relating to the field of alternative dispute resolution and mediation.

Mediation Mindset
Mediation Mindset - Negotiation and alternative dispute resolution blog of Pittsburgh mediator, business lawyer and technology attorney Anthony Cerminaro

Therapeutic Family Law
Therapeutic Family Law is based on the counter-cultural proposition that families are worth saving, and divorces are worth preventing. It is addressed primarily to academics, mediators and divorce lawyers, ...

FamilyCraft: The Private Practice of Family & Divorce Mediation
The joys and challenges of the private practice of family mediation: a Denver, Colorado attorney-mediator posts on the intrapersonal world (personal, spiritual and psychological) and the professional/technical ...

RESOLVE.COM INTENDS to be a place where to get information and to discuss topics related to ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution), particularly Mediation

Beyond Impasse
Information on mediation services, training, domestic violence

Mediation Mensch
Mediation Mensch is a fun, informative blog devoted to helping you build a profitable mediation practice. Our exclusive Trailblazer Interview Series features pioneecommunity mediators/owners who've ...

Australian Mediation Association
I am passionate & firmly committed to the use of interest based negotiation practices as opposed to adversarial and positional based bargaining. I advocate for the implementation of practices and procedures ...

Alternative Dispute Resolution Community Portal
Welcome to the portal for the Alternative Dispute Resolution Community, a place for anyone with an interest in alternative dispute resolution, conflict resolution, or peacemaking initiatives to share their ...

Business Mediation - Southern. Calif.
This practice is oriented towards helping business people who are trying to work out a dispute before it get to the lawsuit atage. Mr. White is a trained mediator, not an attorney. He previously founded ...

Perspectives from a Mediator/Arbitrator
An online guide to mediation and arbitration providing the views and opinions of a Canadian mediator/arbitrator

National Institute for Advanced Conflict Resolution
Online ADR resource offecommunity links to mediation seminars and training, as well as other information relating to conflict resolution.

Justiça Restaurativa em Portugal
This weblog was first created in order to promote restorative justice practices in Portugal. The main idea nowadays is to promote events and theory concerning this issue.

Gestão de Conflitos Familiares
A place of reflection about the possible forms of family conflict resolution from a legal and psychological approach.

Open Discourse: International Dispute Resolution
With this blog, I will provide a discussion forum for those of us who are interested in international dispute resolution, but who may not have the gray hair to prove it. I will provide information on ...

Workplace Fairness Institute
This blog discusses current issues related to workplace conflict management.

Based in the Toronto area my site has general informatio on ADR with an emphais on mediation

Evening Beaches
Formation journal of a Franciscan novice in the Salvation Army, interests church conflict transformation, spiritual formation and spiritual direction.

Sanns Mediation Services Blog
Welcome to the Sanns Mediation Blog. I will use this blog to post information about mediation, family law in NJ, arbitration, and conflict and dispute resolution. Please feel free to check out the sannsmediation.com ...

ADR Society
ADR Society presents its blog, announcing upcoming Lecture Series, CLE Educational Opportunities, Competitions, and Community outreach programs. Please check out our website and drop us an email for further ...

Published by Phyllis G. Pollack, an attorney and mediator based in Los Angeles, California, the PGP Mediation Blog shares news, ideas, and reflections on mediation practice.

Conflict Resolution Associates, LLC provides conflict resolution training and consulting services. utilizes innovative technologies to supplement and enhance conflict resolution processes and training. ...

NEW Spanish Language ODR Blog - Resolución Electrónica de Disputas (RED-ODR) Se lanzo un weblog en español.

CKA Mediation and Arbitration Services
The blog is a companion to the CKA Mediation and Arbitration Services website at http://ckamediation.com. It is run by Christopher Annunziata, a civil mediator and attorney in Atlanta, Georgia with more ...

Better than Misery
Follow a student's notebook, scrawled as a mediator-to-be. This is the place where I take my notes.

David Harlow's Health Law Online
David Harlow is a health care lawyer, consultant, blogger and neutral based in Boston, Massachusetts with a varied practice involving all aspects of health care business and regulatory matters.