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Atyllah The Hen - Chicken with Attitude
Atyllah the Hen - Chicken with Attitude, undercover agent from planet Novapulse, here to observe and comment on the human condition.

Wilf's Blog
Meet Wilf, 9 years old, inventor extraordinaire, Buzz Aldrin fan, owner of problem parents and cowardly friends. It's a difficult life but someone's got to live it.

Shadow's Song
Blogging on original fiction, fanfic, commentary and other assorted insanities.

Lethe Bashar: Novel of Life
Lethe's adventures in Las Vegas and Lethe's adventures in Madrid are interlinked fictions based on my experiences several years back as a wandecommunity teenage hoodlum.

Shadow's Song
Personal site featucommunity original scifi, fantasy and romantic suspense as well as some fanfic.

Blood Destiny
... Where Vampires engrave their stories for your Blood ...

Eurux is Europe's new operating system, developed by the European Union. It is a high-prestige project, and it will be this decade's most important contribution to the unity of Europe. Alex Laine is ...

Tell the Groom
In the bed of his childhood Jonathan was preparing for the next day being his wedding day and thinking his life with Becky was mapped out. A text from Becky changes his whole life and makes his wedding ...