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The place to come and see what Shunklies has been upto lately.

knit therapy
updates on the projects i use to knit my way through the ups and downs of life

Sareth's Stitches
Sareth's knitting blog!

Knitting Blog
Discoursive knitting addiction.

Sheepy Twist
My crafting adventures in knitting, crochet, jewellery making and spinning.

knitting and stuff

knitting lessen

Make Do and Mend

My Life in Flip Flops
A woman rapidly approaching retirement. Interesting in knitting, organic gardening and weacommunity flip flops

Glendale Crafts
The rantings of a hand knitter, and other crafts

This is my fashion blog. I design and make knitwear, crochet and other crafts. This blog is in norwegian for the time being.

The Yarn Floozie
website of retired midwife turned freelance writer who knits to stay sane - \'cept sometimes the needles lead to insanity.

Knitting By The Sea
I designed the knitted flag logo used by the UK knitters community. Knitting By The Sea tends to specialise in novelty knits and knitted food.

Creative Yarn Junkie
The musings of a creative 18 year old female who has a love for all things fibre and sheepy. Updated regularly with pictures and lots of knitting content

Knitting Blog


The Bear Necessities
Lucy knits, crochets and tries to find new ways to avoid the housework.

Knitted and fulled projects and general empty ramblings.

Fuzzy Logic - Ramblings from an unfocused knitter
What this space will become is a little undefined. It may also be sporadic; I won't know until I start. I'm a knitter - hopefully you picked up on that already - and a queer woman, sometime wishful scientist ...

I am blogging about my knitting and are documenting my progress from beeing a beginner to more advanced knitting. I am originally from Sweden and therefore I will be inspired by Scandinavian style but ...

knitting and knitwear design

Knitter Scarlet
A blog about knitting, crafting, infertility and life in general

League Against Bocommunity Lunches
Knitting, life, this and that

Knotty Knitting
new blog focussed on knitting and creative writing

Uxbridge Stitch n Bitch website - showing detials of events and my knitting blog

yarnsmith blog
Blog about knitting, family and life!

I knit I live
I am Ronia living in London. I started knitting about 6 months ago. This is my blog recording everything about my knitting, my life.

Stranded Yarns
Philosophical thoughts from the MuseinMeltdown.

I knit, I travel. I manage to combine both.

Domestic Blissless
Domesticated, me? Hah! I wish! This blog is to cite the domestic achievements I make, however rare, including baking, knitting and wedding planning!

Button & Skein
Knit, sew, crochet. Welcome to the world of Button & Skein. Button & Skein opened its doors this summer, in Macclesfield, UK. We hope to encourage and inspire everyone with an interest in knitting, ...

My Blog
details of my crafty life!

...knit & crochet...
thoughts of a crochet designer and mum of three...

Yarn, the web and cupcakes
A blog about knitting, cooking and surfing the web.


we three create
Mother and two daughters, knitting, stitching, growing, cooking, writing, designing, making, creating.

Obsoquay Creations
A newly started mainly knitting blog which I shall add to occasionally.It has a free knitting pattern, and may have more hints and tips and tales of my progress from spinner through knitting to crochet ...

knitting it up in scotland

Purl Interrupted
Backpacking with sticks and stcommunity: Co-founder of the UK's biggest knitting group, Stitch and Bitch London, takes her sticks and stcommunity into the world in an bid to live the life that she wrestled ...

Life and times of a teacher who knits.

The bluAngelAlmanac is a collection and review of interesting art + design that either follows a sustainable path, promoting eco lifestyles + ethos, challenges the status quo or simply makes us re-think ...

yellow warbler knits
knit, crochet & other lovely things

Where the Dreamers Go
Knitting, Cooking, Balladry, Harping, Songwriting, Story Writing, Designing -- all the places the dreamers go.

the Creations of Crazy Daisy
a wee bit about knitting and a wee bit about the knitter

DT Craft & Design
Behind the scenes with Debbie Tomkies of DT Craft & Design - home, life, love (and dyeing!)

INSPIRATIONAL SNIPPETS....Diary of a Knitwear designer
Inspirational thoughts and ideas designed to help me with my knitting projects and provide information about knitting and interiors to other like-minded bloggers.

Confessions of a Knitaholic
My name is Suzie and I am a knitaholic. I hide my stash and deny buying new yarns to add to it. Am I alone?

Yellow Pink and Sparkly
knitting, crochet, books, films and crafts

The Knitting For Art Exhibition
My Knitted and Crocheted Art What it is that I do and how I do it! An Exhibition of an addicted to Yarn and all things Yarn related, Textile Artist.

Quirky Little Knits
An eclectic mix of all things knit and crochet; a look at knitwear, fashion, anti-fashion and art, and their relationships. I am a qualified knitwear, fashion and bridal designer, using art, culture ...