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Click Member link to see site in tvTwo Fish Knitting
About knitting, some crochet, and the other bits and pieces I devote my time to!

The Interrupting Sheep
a london-living knitting obsessive.

Blogging about things I make - starting knitting in 2005

Quantum Tea
Opinionated British blog, currently living in St. Louis, USA. Random thoughts, history, web design, news, humour, Christianity, tea, quantum mechanics, knitting, spinning, opinions.

Yolanda Gypsy Knits
My personal knitting (& crochet sometimes) blog where I document the progress of projects, muse about new ones and try to make sense of the design ideas that float around my head

The craftingSherriff
Rambelings of a knitter/crafter

Penguin Horde

Needles of Steel
The craft blog of a knitter and crafter in the Midlands, UK

Getting warmer
Mostly about taking up knitting in the, ahem, prime of life.

Kaths Krafty Kreations
Wittecommunity about knitting and life in general.

slipped stitch
I'm doing a PhD in london on kids science books. Which makes me the only lit student in an exclusively-science college. So I sit in the corner with my knitting and watch the physicists go by.

Mostly knitting, some local news and weather, from the oldest continually-licensed hotel in Scotland.

A ramble about my attempts to knit with a bit of gardening and general waffle thrown in.

Cledry Yarner
A site about handspinning, knitting and other textile activities. It also discusses CFS/ME and smallholding

Gorgeous Knits
Knitting website that indulges in the pleasure of knitting.

More of the Stitch - Less of the Bitch
A blog of my craftiness in the form of knitting, crochet and beadwork. Photos by the Hubster, BruceS.

Domesticated Bloggage
The blog of a middle-aged knitaholic!

Confessions of a Graveyard Gypsy
Knitting blog

Impressionist knits- a North East knitter with a small dog and a big cat.

My knitting blog. Hand and Machine. Also about my dogs and my life past and present.

Purl Friday
Stumble across the 'net to find a lovely girl who has learned to knit, thus uncovecommunity a deep desire to design, produce and cry all in the name of sticks and stcommunity...

I dream of the sea
This is a blog about knitting, living and working in London.

Army Of Knitters
Midlands lass finds her way to the Big Apple - knitting all the way....

Crafty or Crazy
Talk about my crafting, knitting, crochet, freeform, and something about the books I'm reading.

personal knitting blog

shacommunity my inspiration and motovation in art, handknits and handmade cards.

Learning about knitting from the internet

Quelle Erqsome
Musings of a self-confessed dork with a love of James Bond, zombies and a desperate need to make things. I was taught to knit when I was four, but only really started when I was 22. My hand-dyed yarn addiction ...

carpe diem!
I document my failures as I start to knit again and learn to weave for the first time. Life's too short not to laugh!

Knitting Mummys Everyday Life
This site is about my knitting and my family and how they fit together.

A Wandecommunity Knitter
An expat American knitter currently living in England.

Rachel's Fibres & Yarns Page
A blog about my main hobbies - spinning, knitting, weaving and most things fibre related!


Knitting Mad Bag Lady
All my knitting adventorous as I experiment with designing my own patterns, getting the hang of lace, socks and more. My main knitting obsession is felting. If it's 100% wool, I felt it. Have a look at ...

Random musings of a self-confessed yarn-snob and sometime spinner

Coming up Blank
'Coming up Blank' is my personal knitting blog. The content is mainly about my knitting projects (and the occasional cat post). I have been known to bloviate on occasion so if you can stomach the knitty ...

A blog on knitting and any other thoughts I feel compelled to share with blogland.

A stash of yarn helps the medicine go down..the blog of a knitting doctor

A blog on knitting and one knitter's adventures

Kirsty Knits
I have a fickle obsession with knitting, but I like to show off what I've done and bought so here's my blog to show you!

Begknitter's Knotty Mess
Globetrotting Surgical Trainee trying to knit on call!

The adventures of the silver bullet
Things I have made. Things I have done. Random ramblings. And of course, the adventures of the silver bullet - my beloved bike.

Addicted to knitting, blogging to relax!

Queen of the froggers
My attempts at knitting something that I can actually wear!

felinity knits
Ups and downs of a London knitter.

magicFINGERS is a craft-come-personal blog written by a girl who is obsessed with making things.

Knitter Natter

A funny site written by a very mad, quirky woman.. about well alsorts.. but mainly Knitting, Sewing, Cross stitch and Stamping.. Follow her in her failing attempts of difficult crafts.. her moans and groans ...


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