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oscillating wildly between all things crafty but mostly knitting & stitching

My Fashionable Life
knitting, occassional gardening, anything that takes my fancy.

Mad Knits

Stitchville is my knitting diary in which I record my projects as they unfold. It is also a space for illustrating creative crafty processes. I intend to use my blog as an online gallery as well. It's ...

Pacific Rin - Extra Texture
Interknitter journal about my love of knitting, fashion, retro collectables and ball jointed dolls.

Sew Crafty
Knitting, sewing and craft creations from Oxford, UK

Notwithstanding Nicola

Knit Picking
Everything knitting related. What's on my needles, off my needles and what could be on them, if only I had more time. Technique hints and tips and anything else I think of.

my journey through life with a pair of knitting needles.

Piglottie's Parlour
The place to chronicle my crafty explorations (mainly knitting!) and literary aspirations.

The Champagne Bohemian
A knitting journal

My blog about all my fibery obsessions.


Good Hooking
A blog dedicated to the great art of crochet - including all the garish creations churned out my own fair hand.

Sajona's small world
A SAHM of 4 ranging from 11 - 0 years. have knitted all my life and even have a degree in Knitting :) This doesn't mean I'm an expert by any means and I make plenty of mistakes and am always learning something ...

Heather Knits
Where Heather waffles on about knitting and anything else which crosses her mind.

Wittecommunitys about knitting and yarn obsession and life in general.

finally waking up
My blog where I ramble on about my knitting and sometimes my pets, gardening, son and other various bits and pieces!

Scottish Spinner
spinning, knitting, musing, moaning... 1 have 2 teenagers i am allowed to moan !

All Things crafty and yarn related. With occasional grumbles about knitting patterns that don't work!

A place to consdier projects present and ponder projects past.

Once Upon A Time... A Journey to Middle England
knitting and gardening in central England

The Wool Palace
Life, including lots of knitting, in South London

Pink Hebe
Knitting, Girl Guides, Morris, Hormones and Hockey Sticks

i made this
An exploration in all things homemade. Yes, that includes my children!

pavlova's world
More of a knitting analyst-cum-speculator (as in, buys the wool, things of it as an asset, but never uses it effectively) but does do the occasional bit of knitting in the holidays. being an engineecommunity ...

Knit Knit Purl Purl

Minxxys World
Knitting, creating, scootecommunity and nonsense

Alternative Knitting
Alternative Knitting, the knitting blog with commentary on life issues and knitting, always knitting up something new.

All about my knitting passion, yarn stash and cat!

knitting, stencilling and other ramblings from Ealing.


Frog in Knots
My muddles through crafting on a whim; knitting, crochet and sewing mostly made up as I go along.

Knit-Wits Anonymous
Blogging about my knitting and my cats mostly!

Knitty Knacky Noo
Knitting and other random thing's I like to do.

Dyed in the Wool
A scientist in the north-west of England tries her best to work and not knit (and fails!).

Nikki's Purple Kitchen
A site of "general life stuff." I'm a beginner knitter, but I'm an IT person, so this 'blog is a little different from the norm, in that I coded it myself!

Odd Ball Knitting
Live with partner & our three children. Work as a Claims adjuster for a large reinsurance company. Gradually working my way towards a degree in Maths & Computing subjects with the Open University, but ...

Anne's blog
Personal site with wittecommunitys about knitting, cooking, gardening and mothecommunity (and the occasional reference to chocolate)

To knit...
My adventures in knitting land...

Bitchin' Stitchin'
Diary of a self-confessed yarn-o-holic, who knits, eats chocolate and contemplates life in general whilst living halfway between Oxford & London in rainy England. Having just ditched alcoholic Texan husband ...

Spitting Yarn
Trials and tribulations of a knitter

knitting blog, gallery, links, etc...

Knitting has been likened to the new form of yoga for its relaxing health enhancing effects. I think this is true and this why I called my blog KnitYoga. My blog is mainly about knitting and my adventures ...

Kids & Knits
A journal of my knitting progress and life in general

Musing N Doing
Musings about life in general including all my crafty endavours.

Hazel's Knitting
All about my mini and full size knitting

A site dedicated to knitters' and internet (knit/net) terminology. Includes discussion of terminology and lists of definitions of phrases, acronyms, emoticons, photos (hopefully), etc.

Made by Mojo
Knitting in the North-East - a Scottish yarn of needles and craftiness as a way of keeping the madness of the world at bay!

Steelbreeze Needles
Musing and meandecommunitys of a machine knitter and engineer in Warwickshire