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Tired of people making fun of you, trying to change you? Tell them to just 'accept me' the way I am! It's what's on the inside that counts, not appearance, sexuality, etc.

a domain-journal/blog/weblog - whatever you would like to call it.

>> i <3 u. s. a. <<
personal blog. =P

on the verge
It's a personal site. What else can I say?

Cinnamon Times
A collective of all the sites owned by Midnight Faith

angels of the mist
Its my lil space on the web where I blog and do stuff xD

Little Gothic One
{;}This is my site about who I am, A Gothic Person, who has changed her name a lot. From a lot of different things. Now I am Lost Shadow. Before Lost Shadow I was Buffalo Talker. Just because I wanted ...

Emily and I share this website where we put up photography, journals, writing, places we go and the people we see. We are about to add a creative portion with poetry, art, and music reviews..

A 15 year old girl's blog that expresses herself and screams for acceptance. She has everything she needs except the feeling of not being rejected. Also displays poetry, and artwork.

Satsuki Ishida's collective -in spanish...-

Sweet Obsession
This is my little personal webpage filled with alot of things :) Just come check me out if you would like and make sure to sign my geustbook :) Corrie

Late 20s girl...always dreaming...always lost. Welcome to my secret spot on the web.

omg BLOG. ... Ahem.

the end
girl. bisexual. bipolar. cutter. bits and pieces of me, whoever i am. life is stupid.


glass idol
A rant, a rave....Isn\'t it all the same, in the end?