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This community is for sites offecommunity information viewers can learn or benefit from by its eclectic mixture of Educational Learning Resources, Teacher Resources, Faculty Pages, School-Related Sites, and Student Organizations (i.e., honor societies, fraternities, etc.) In addition, any sites offecommunity educationally appropriate subjects (i.e., math, science, history, social sciences, music, arts, etc.) are always welcome here. Come and wander the halls of Academia, the community will guide your way.

Schoolmarm's Lil Red School House
Educational tidbits for students, teachers, and parents or anyone interested in learning. This is the home for all "Schoolhouse Communitys"

Community of Academia Information
This is the home of the Community of Academia. Community guidelines and information for becoming a member is available here.

Schoolmarm's Schoolhouse communitys
A collection of educational communitys. Each community is themed around a specific purpose offecommunity learning and teaching resources for students, teachers, parents, or anyone interested in some of ...

Lessons 4 You
Online Piano and Reading Lessons, Historical Trivia, Find a Tutor or Music Instructor in Your Area, Family Fun Ideas, Children's Art, Historical Articles for Research, Horizon's Above Award, and Tutors/Teachers ...

Center of the Internet
On-line learning resource center

Kiara's Education Page
This page has a good introductory lesson on African lions. There is also a quiz to take after reading the material, and after taking the quiz you will find more online resources relating to lions.

Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics (QUFD)
Most people do not know that Albert Einstein HAD already found the BASIS for the Unified Field Theory of the Quantum Forces/Fields that he was yet seeking at his death. QUFD is that basis!

Moments in History
Topics on World and American History.{;}Including Coyboys, Indians, Outlaws, {;}Explorers, Kings, Pilots, Wars, Generals, Chiefs, Pirates, and Dinosaurs. Legends like King Arthur, Robin Hood, and He ...

Science For All
This site contains a variety of teaching and learning materials for use at all Key Stages. There are resources for both teachers and students.

Find Your Online Graduate School
A directory to accredited online and distance graduate school degree programs, plus{;}accreditation information and career helps.{;}

Die Lehrer-Lämpel-Seite
Diese Seite enthält eine Reihe von Programmen für Schüler, vor allem an Berufsbildenden Schulen. Die Grundsprache ist Deutsch.{;}{;}This site contains several learning programmes für students, first of ...

Centre for Popular Education In Pointe St. Charles
This site contains information regarding our group as well as writings from some of our participants. We offer free literacy courses to any adult who wishes to learn.

Simply English
Online proofreading and editing for graduate, undergraduate and international students.

RACC's ConEd Web Design
This began as a way of assigning homework to my adult ed class. It became a full-fledged tutorial.

All Quiet on the Western Front Information Page
This site is dedicated to the book "All Quiet on the Western Front" and its author Erich Maria Remarque. It includes character descriptions, a summary of the book and information about the author.

Tales from the Billabong
Take a seat by the bank of our Billabong. {;}Let us tell you about Australia, it's stories, landscapes and animals, through games and interactive stories.

The Problem-Kid Problem-Solver: Youth Change
Got Problem Kids? Get the newest and best answers from the Problem-Kid Problem-Solver! Our site is packed with hundreds of strategies to solve your worst problems including violence, truancy, school failure, ...

The Midnight Watch
The site is dedicated to those who served in a Civil Defence role in World War 2 and covers Air Raid Precautions and Civil Defence; the Home Guard; the Auxiliary and National Fire Service and the role ...

KryssTal Web Site
A web site featucommunity essays on astronomy, physics, chemistry, language, eclipses, travel, mathematics, and various other topics. Suitable for all age groups with an enquicommunity mind.

Books on African History, anthropology, archaeology, sociology, science, indigenous African studies, Sculptures, African Music, Videos, Posters, Map, Book Authors information, Music artist information, ...

Hellinic history & links, Thrace as a region,Alexander the Great, Spartacus the gladiator, Orfeas, worldwide alphabet, forum, press & history and so much more!!!

Back Pages
A different kind of site, offecommunity a gentle variety for the whole family. Including American History, Portraits of the Presidents with a short bio, portraits of the Delegates to the signing of the ...

a vast library of on-line and print resources for teachers, students and parents, from academic info links to financial aid, free lesson plans, worksheets, fun stuff, college info, parenting resources, ...

Academic Resource Network
Academic Resource Network is a directory of Internet sites featucommunity education resources for school teachers, educators, students, parents or homeschool families. This site also includes youth ministry ...

The Propagander!
A study of Propaganda of all sorts, with over 300 graphics including posters, pictures and drawings by such propagandists as Adolf Hitler and Ben Franklin.