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This community is for sites relating to the "Aberrant" role playing by White Wolf. Sites may be in or out of character, feature Team Tomorrow, Project Utopia, the Teragen, Aberrants, or any other faction, so long as they relate to the game.

Team Tomorrow
An in-character Team Tomorrow OpNet site, from the nova organization in the{;}Aberrant role playing game.

Aberrant Community Home Page
The home page for the Aberrant communityon CommunitySurf.

Brazilian Aberrant Homepage
É uma página para jogadores de RPG se informarem um pouco mais sobre o jogo Aberrant, da White-Wolf. It's a site for RPG players know a little more about the game Aberrant, from White-Wolf.

John Kim's Aberrant Notes
This is my collection of notes including a detailed review of the game, play aids (including an improved powers chart), erratta, sample characters, and more.

Eon Online.net
An online gaming community with downloads, character databases, chats, e-books, and much more.

The Chiltrion Campaign
The Chiltrion Campaign (CHC) is an online RPG campaign being run on Dreamlyrics. It is (very) loosely based on the Aberrant setting by White Wolf. Set in 2045, it is a "sequel" to the original CHC campaign ...

Aberrant Files
Tired of Utopia, tired of the Terragen and the Aberrants? Do you want a normal life? Come to a school for Novas by Novas. We will help you realize your dream for a better tomorrow.