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This community contains sites relating to AberMuds. AberMuds are less complex than diku muds and tend to have much more of a social feel to them. This community welcomes new sites that contain information about AberMuds. Your site might be the official site for an existing AberMud or it might be a personal web page with information about AberMuds.

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Abermud community
The community's home where you can add or modify your listing.

The COMPLETE Abermud List
The most comprehensive site on the net on Abermuds featucommunity a full listing of all Abermuds in existance, plus{;}source codes, telnet clients, zone files, and some Aber history.

Delusion MUD
Delusion is one of the biggest and feature-rich AberMUDs online today. Delusion's website offers information about the MUD with its quests and provides maps and an up-to-date mudlist.

Northern Lights
Northern Lights was opened for the public in June, 1992. It has since then continually been a popular place for old and new abermud players.