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The community for Anne Rice character sites.

Coven House Florence
A site dedicated to The Vampire Chronicles and to the people who play these larger than life characters online in Yahoo! Chat. Join a group of people who love Mael, Marius and Eric and the other characters. ...

Blood and Gold
"Though innocent you shall atone for the crimes of your fathers, Roman..." (Horace) - site of Marius de Romanus.

Celeste ~ Beloved of Santiago
From the famous Theatre des Vampires, I am the vampire Celeste.{;}

David Talbot , Ex Talamascan
{;}My Home, My World, My Work. Things that make me who I am. Please come explore, enjoy.

Mad Molloy
{;}I am Daniel Molloy

Die Chronik der Vampire
A German Vampire Chronical Site about all the Anne Rice Stuff...{;}{;}Hier findet ihr sicher alles über die Chronik der Vampire von Anne Rice, die beiden Verfilmungen Interview mit einem Vampir und ...

Broken Angel: The Vampire Armand
The website about and for The Vampire Armand.

Blood Immortal: The Vampires of Anne Rice Fanlisting
For the fans of one or more of the vampires of Anne Rice.