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A community to join fans of alternative paicommunitys (romantic) thoughout all anime!!!

Astral Break
Hi there, I support a Xellos X Lina Paicommunity, and run a sort of knighthood to that extent. Ja!

Sailor Nova's Nifty Sailor Moon Page
fanfics, images, seiya fanclub, make-a-senshi, adopt-a-character, and more

A site that does contain canon paicommunitys, but also has a massive variety of non-standard and downright weird romance going on, shown through use of a gigantic image gallery.

JADED: A Yamako Sanctuary
Cyberspace's fist Digimon site dedicated to the impossible romance of Ishida Yamato and Inoue Miyako! Hentai, yaoi/yuri friendly, and anti-SORATO.

The Enishi & Kaoru Project
Hoping to be the resource center for all ExK fans. We scoured the net for ENIKAO fandom so please check it out. ^_^