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The America Remembers Community is a place for others to learn more about that day that has gone down in history and changed our lives forever. It's also a place to share your feeling and thoughs about  the September 11, 2001 attacks and also find 911 photos, videos, DVD’s and more.
For those interested you can also find 9 11 commission reports, conspiracy theories about the New York and Pentagon attacks and other information about everything from United Airlines Flight 93 to terrorists.

9/11 America Remembers
America Remembers the September 11, 2001 attackss which is now known as simply 9 11. Learn about what happened on September 11, 2001, which consisted of a series of suicide attacks upon the United States. ...

A Look at 9/11 - America Remembers
When it comes to 9/11, America remembers like it was just yesterday. September 11 has gone down as the worst terrorist attack on the US in the history of the country. Everyone all over the world can remember where they were the day the twin towers were taken to the ground.  The attack coordinated by Islamic extremists took place in two thousand and one when four American bound airline jets were hijacked, two of the planes crashed into the twin towers that made up collectively the World Trade Center in NYC, one plane crashed into the Pentagon and the final plane crashed in a rural field after the passengers tried to take back the planes controls.  Nearly three thousand people died that day and the date is considered as the day America stood still. A whole nation was affected, left feeling battered and bruised. No one on any of the planes survived and thousands of civilians had their lives taken from them that day, also many service men and women who tried to help rescue people from the two office blocks also perished.

After seven years people still feel the loss of their loved ones with as much detail, children were left without parents, mothers without sons or daughters, father’s too shared the same agony, brothers, sisters, aunties and uncles even grandparents were not spared that day. The world witnessed that day how vulnerable a powerful country like America can be and it scared us all. Since the attacks most countries have upped their security options and resources, America has also launched a war on those that struck first as they say to compensate for the pain they felt that day. History would never be the same after that horrible day. More people have died needlessly since in wars that have been fought trying to get to the conspirators. People who were involved in the planning of 9/11 have been caught all over the world as they all fled to every corner running from the back lash to come. Some have never been caught where as others have finally been tried and jailed for their actions that cause so many people so much pain. Never since the last world war have so many countries all over the world stood shoulder to shoulder to protect and support each other. Further attacks from the same people went on to continue in the UK, Australia, Europe and China.

Many sites have popped up all over the internet in remembrance of that tragic day so that the meaning and people who gave their lives will never be forgotten. A special flag has also been commissioned to reflect the date.  Every year several concerts and services are held all over the world, some to raise money for the survivors and others just to give thanks and prayers. Thousands of school children wrote poems about the day in remembrance and special TV shows have also given their time for the benefit of others. Because of what happened that fated day blood donors have risen every year especially on the anniversary and memorial plaques have been erected in 90 different countries to commemorate the lives that were lost.