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Community is for all owners of 1970-79 Firebirds, Espirits, Formulas, And Trans Ams

Ben Deutschman's 76 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Homepage
This site is dedicated to my second toy, and obsession, my 1976 Pontiac Trans Am. There are stats on my T/A, plus a 'Photos Page', and 'Links' to other Pontiac, and general interest auto related sites ...

Ben's Car Page
Site features my 1976 Pontiac Trans Am, with photos and specifications on my T/A. Site also has "Links" to other Pontiac related sites. Site also features my other Non-Pontiac car.

Alli's Icelandic Firebird page
WELCOME to Alliīs Icelandic Firebird page. Home of the Greatest Car Ever..... The FIREBIRD. Very large selection of 1970 - 1973 Pontiac Firebird/TA pictures. All about the 1970-1973 Firebird,tech,tips,pics, ...

Pontiac Firebird

The pontiac firebird is a firebird made by the pontiac division of general motors. General motors stopped making pontiac firebirds in 2002 after almost forty years of production. The pontiac firebirdís successor is the pontiac GTO. Pontiac firebirds are classified as pony cars or American muscle cars. Many of pontiacís car models are classified as muscle cars; their design centered on power and performance. Pontiac firebirds have an FR layout, which means the engine is in the front and the firebird has rear wheel drive. The pontiac firebirdís platform is the F-body. The only model other than the pontiac firebird that an F-body platform has been used in is the camaro. The F-body used in the first pontiac firebird underwent many changes over the years and looks very different today than it did forty years ago. You may have noticed in Donnie Darko that Frank drives a pontiac firebird, as does Knight Rider.


For me, the firebird conjures images of degrassi high and car thieves of the 70ís. Some of the first firebird concept cars were absolutely crazy. I couldnít possibly do them justice by describing these firebirds, so youíll have to see the pictures for yourself. You can find pictures of pontiac firebird concept cars on the net if you search for pontiac firebird concept cars. The 1959 pontiac firebird concept car looks like something from the jetsons. You can see these firebird concept cars at the henry ford museum in Dearborn, Michigan. These firebird concept cars were an experiment with gas turbine-powered cars. One of these pontiac firebird concept car, the firebird 1, resembles a jet. This firebird would have proved rather impractical as it released jet exhaust of 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. Pontiac dropped their gas turbine models pretty quickly and focused on making some of the coolest pontiac firebirds to date. The pontiac firebirds of the 1970ís were called the second generation of pontiac firebirds. What I find most appealing about the pontiac firebird of the 70ís is the change is the body shape from the coke-bottle shape if the nineteen sixties to the more streamlined look of the 70ís pontiac firebird. My 70ís pontiac firebird has a custom exterior paint job and custom interiors with white velvet seats with hand-stitched 70ís style purple flames. My pontiac firebird also has a custom-made aluminum flame steering. The exterior of my firebird is gold with a classic red firebird logo on the hood.

Firebird Parts

If you want to build your own 70ís firebird from the ground up, youíll need some 70ís firebird parts. The best place to look for seventies firebird parts is online because you can contact other 70ís firebird owners to see if they have firebird parts for sale and to get tips for building your firebird. Make sure that they know what type of firebird it is that youíre talking about. Firebird is also a make of guitar as well as a type of trumpet made by Maynard Ferguson, which can become quite confusing if youíre not clear about what you want. Did you know that thereís also a band, a ballet, a book, a number of superheroes, and a mythical bird of Russian fairytales called the firebird? To avoid any confusion when ordering firebird parts, be sure to specify that youíre looking for 70ís pontiac firebird parts.

70ís Firebird

So many great things came form the 70ís. Among them is pontiacís 70ís firebird. Sadly, not everything 70ís was as incredible as the pontiac firebird. In the 70ís, we lost some of the greatest musicians that ever lived, including Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Elvis Presley. There was also the oil crisis of the 70ís, that caused a lot of headaches for pontiac firebird owners. The 70ís oil crisis also raised awareness to consumers of our limited resources and got people thinking about more sustainable options. Unfortunately, not a lot has been done since the 70ís to reduce our use of oil and other non-sustainable resources. In fact, our oil consumption has increased with a lot of Americans buying fuel-inefficient sport utility vehicles and muscle cars, such as the pontiac firebird. Though the pontiac firebird has been discontinued, many people still own old pontiac firebirds, and for those who want to buy new muscle cars, there are plenty others on the market. For a lot of people, including women and homosexuals, the 70ís was an important time because of the womenís rights and gay rights movements. With women and gays on their way to being considered real people, and with some amazing new pontiac firebird models on the way, the 70ís were good times for just about everyone. The pontiac firebird became especially popular with young men, and still is today for those who can afford a pontiac firebird. With a wheelbase of one hundred eight inches, 370 horsepower at 5500 rpm, and a base price of just over 4 thousand dollars US, itís no wonder that people were crazy about the 70ís pontiac firebird trans am. Part of the 70ís pontiac firebirdís success was due to an excellent marketing campaign that was targeted to young men looking for cool muscle cars. In the muscle car business, image and performance are everything, and the 70ís pontiac firebird had somehow managed to master both. When muscle cars were at their peak, it wasnít good enough just to impress people with sleek looks and an oversized engine because critics would tear you about if they didnít think your car was high performance. The pontiac firebird of earlier years had lost its focus on performance and was more about comfort and luxury. By the 70ís the firebird had returned to its roots as a high performance car.