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Dedicated to 1960 to 1966 GMC trucks of all sizes. The old GMC is the forgotten sibling of the Chevy trucks, but without the GMC truck innovations, Chevy wouldn't be what it is today

1960-1966 Trucks
A page about just all the 1960-1966 trucks I own, with information on all the work I have done on them and the parts I have left over.{;}

Paso 2000
Photos of our 1963 GMC Suburban's trip to the Paso Robles Truckin 2000 Nationals. We won best suburban! Links to my homepage, the restoration of our suburban, truck related links etc. {;}

Ed Snyder's 1960 to 1966 GMC Page
Links to photos of my GMC's, other classic truck sites, and sites for vendors of parts for these trucks.{;}

Patricks 63 Chevy Truck Restoration
This site is for chevy and gmc truck loveres. This is the restoration of a 63 Chevy truck as well as photos of other Chvy and GMC trucks withen the early 1960's

My Rebuild Project
63 GMC 3/4 truck restoration.


GMC stands for general motors corporations, or as it was formerly called, GMC trucks, not to be confused with Georgia Military College or the Giant Molecular Cloud, which have nothing to do with trucks. General Motors will celebrate its one hundredth anniversary in 2008! GMC is an automotive company that started in Detroit, Michigan, in 1908. GMC makes automobiles, including trucks, and automobile engines. GMC also has a security service called onstar thatís available for most of itís truck models, including its big trucks. Vintage trucks however, donít have gmcís onstar service. Onstar is security system for your GMC truck that also acts as a navigation device and allows hands-free calling. You can also call onstar for vehicle diagnostics if you have a problem with your truck. For instance, if you lock your keys in your truck, you can call onstar and ask them to unlock your truck for you.

GMC trucks

The truck company that GM bought in 1909 to form GMC trucks was actually formed 8 years earlier in 1901. GMC didnít make all that many trucks until the Second World War, when it began making trucks for the United States military. During this time, it produced hundreds of thousands of military trucks. Over the Years, GMC trucks also came to produce fire trucks, ambulances, motor homes, and transit vehicles. However, GMC stopped its production of public transit buses in the nineteen eighties. Today, GMC trucks produces trucks, pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles, among other things. GMCís trucks and sport utility vehicles tend to be very similar to Chevroletís line of trucks and sport utility vehicles. In fact, a lot of gmc trucks are indistinguishable from Chevy trucks except for superficial trim designs. The major difference between GMC and Chevy is really just the price. GMC trucks are called the professional grade version of Chevy trucks and generally cost more. In the United States, gmc trucks sell better than the equivalent Chevy trucks but the opposite is true in Canada. Today, GMC sell trucks all over the world, including the United States, Canada, China, and Germany, among others. An interesting gmc marketing study would be to conduct a survey of gmc truck owners to see what they use their gmc trucks for. With names like Canyon, Safari, and Savanna, you wonder where gmc truck owners live. Iíve never seen any suburban lion safaris but I suppose you can never be too prepared. You might be driving your gmc SUV on the highway one day and discover a shortcut to work through a desert or a swamp; then youíll be glad of your gmc SUV. GMC trucks also makes trucks for Budget, the car and truck rental company. GMC also made school buses for a time, which are classified by GMC as medium-duty trucks. GMC did not build entire school buses but designed and engineered the truckís chassis. Other truck companies then made the rest of the truck. In the past decade or so, GMC signed an agreement with bluebird, the school bus company, to make their medium-size truck chassis used in school buses for bluebird bus company exclusively.


A lot of SUV and truck sales are declining in the United States and Canada because of an increase in gas prices. If you need someone to help you not feel guilty about buying a gas guzzling truck or SUV, visit gmc.com. GMCís website, gmc.com offers some tips and advice about buying big trucks and SUVS. Itís also the place to find your gmc truck parts. You can look up on gmc.com where your nearest gmc dealer is or simply order your gmc truck parts online. You can also read about some tricks to tell apart GMC trucks and Chevy trucks. Unfortunately for the hard of hearing GMC truck drivers, the advice offered on gmc.com is only in filmed interview form with no captions. However, if you canít find what youíre looking for at gmc.com, there are hundreds of other gmc websites, many of them made by gmc truck lovers and owners.

Vintage trucks

Because GMC trucks have been operating for close to a century, there are lots of GMC vintage trucks still kicking around today. GMC released a number of new pick up truck models in the seventies that were discontinued in the late nineteen seventies or eighties. Some of these now-vintage trucks include heavy duty trucks like the JH 9500 , the General, and the Brigadier. If youíre looking for even older gmc vintage trucks, you might like the Crackerbox heavy-duty truck, which was discontinued in 1968. Before then, a lot of their vintage trucks were school buses and intercity buses. If you want really old gmc vintage trucks, have a look for some of their old World War two trucks.

GMC truck parts

The trouble with vintage trucks is that itís harder to find truck parts for old vintage trucks than it is to find truck parts for new trucks. If you have a gmc vintage truck and you need some truck parts for it, visit gmc.com to see whatís in stock and how to order your vintage truck parts. If you canít find your vintage truck parts at gmc.com, try some other gmc truck websites. Sometimes the best way to get vintage truck parts for your gmc vintage truck is to contact other gmc vintage truck owners. If youíre desperate for vintage truck parts, try a scrap yard. If your gmc vintage truck is not too old or too rare, you might find the vintage truck parts you need.