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the thoughts, opinions and ideas of a strongly opinionated indian student, programmer, engineer and poet{;}

Vineet's Xanga Abode
The truth about Vineet... its all out here... have a looksee...

Bubai's blog

Wishful Thinking
{;}A blog about my imperfect life.

Poetry and prose by Ubaid Amin Dhiyan.

mad attempts at civilized humour by a drowning fish lost amidst translations

just a blog what else

A pulsebeat one few many
Echoes of my pulsebeats, anytime anywhere and rises on anything...

ajrao's poetry

The Glass Wall
A thinking woman's diary on relationships, philosophy and life.

My paintings mostly depict the collective miseries of peoples. The state, market and media dictate the political discourse today - none bothered about the weak. The alternative discourse seems to drift ...

US Desi blogging with funny News,E-mails, desi videos,Deals , New Desi Sites, desi jokes, desi Games ..funny stuff for all the idle desi guys..Indian Student Association, Cultural Club of United states ...

Hari's Duniya (Inside the workings of a sane mind)
This is a personal blog but open to all to view regarding my take on the issues around, my personal experiences, the lessons learned and other blah blah blah. Hope you enjoy the ride as much as I do.

money for nothing
this is about me, all that there\'s to hate and love

Ashoe\'s, umm, sojourn?
Random musings and observations to go with my flickr mo-blog/photostream.

Manjigani Speaks
Passion Marathons, information Indian marathons, Passtime malls in Grugaon and maal in them. Cribbing about things, wondecommunity about life. Letting out my ideas online.

For Once, Then Something

A Just World
An attempt to understand the craziness that is this world...

Random thoughts concecommunity life in general, crystallized from day-to-day experiences...

Desi Train
The desi train whistles through life, current events, movies, Bollywood, clubs, parties, women, skills and anything else which grabs my attention...

The Rat Race
Thoughs on office, organisations, workplace and the work therein.

Fascinating Nature
A photoblog on nature and beauty of nature. Here you will see photos from the nature

Diary and web log of a logical, thinking, fretting, wondecommunity, amusing fellow. One who was probably better suited for some Auditorium in Athens Greece in Middle ages discussing Human Psychology and ...

ZVM\'s Indian Undercurrent
Because being Indian in the western world is more than Yoga, Kamasutra, Naan “bread” and curry.

Nitesh Gautam\'s Blog
Blog of Nitesh Gautam aka netgautam

Next stop, insanity
Funny commentary on various things in life

India Everywhere - Lassi No Bar
Lassi No Bar takes on the Media and Advertising, Politics and Current Affairs, Travel and Tourism in Emerging India from a world perspective. To be updated every two days, LNB will have a large database ...

Questions and life

Katha in the news!
KATHA is a non-profit, \"profit-for-all\" organization. We are leading publishers of translations, bcommunitying the best of Indian Fiction into English. In this blog, you\'ll find media mentions of Katha ...

Stubborn Fanatic
This is vivek's tech blog. Please take time to read the articles covecommunity topics like blogger add-ons/hack code, latest tech news, internet, computers, software, books and music.

The modern thinking Indian
Blogging about current affairs in India

Read between the Lines
A Personal View on the aspects of Life, Work, and the joy of Freedom

All new software information & downloads

sweet sms &jokes
all types of jokes , sms

Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me
It\'s as bloody varied and confusing as my blooming brain.

That Uncanny Valley
It\'s such a funny world, and there\'s so much serious stuff out to laugh at.

Jamster's Jams
Life and its oddities, some funny, some not so funny, right here. Life as viewed from an amazingly funny viewpoint.

reality is ..perception
its all about my views and perspectives

Reeti Roy
This is really by take on things...If you're interested,come and have a look!!!

A blog by Vineet.

reality...is perception.
random ramblings of the mind...and other thots.