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Ubi Dubium Ibi Libertas
My perspective on life, governance, the environment, politics and random muses. Pretty much everthing that I choose to turn my mind to...

The White Sheet
The White Sheet

Jim....\'s Own!
In troubled times, in gleeful reflection, all that\'s me is in part and parcel what you\'ll find here, what\'s my mind hovecommunity over? That\'s a question you\'ll see answered here!

Welcome to the World of Cisco / FreeBSD / Unix / Linux

Buffer Overflow
Life is all memory, except for the one present moment that goes by you so quickly you hardly catch it going - Tennessee Williams. Problem is, memories are unreliable and do not scale. A Blog can help. ...

StudentConcepts blog has writings submitted by student members. Also you will find our own office talks here. Sometimes...

Once upon a time, there lived a guy called Rohit. He was so surpised by the world when he was born that he didnt speak for a whole year. and now, he is compensating for that lack of speech...blah blah ...

Shraddha on Xanga
Shraddha rambles at times, st times she collects hillaious tidbits. wanna see them? ok visit the blog..

a very long way from nowhere !!!

Desparado Diaries
from the depths of despair to the heights of ecstasy...and I\'m not on drugs!

Passing Thoughts...
Me, my self and my life.

Some thoughts.

Deep sea musings
Random musings while reality continues to mess with my life.

Of journeys deep within
Of mountains and the lakes on top... of clouds and the fluttecommunity birds... of rains that wash my soul afresh... of dreams that make my world my own...

Never Knew I Was Living In The World
My rants, raves, rumblings about anything and everything. My random thoughts trying to put the chaos around me into order. We are the youth We\'ll take your fascism away We are the youth Apologise ...

Its all about Me & Mumbai. Me.........Mumbaikar. It's fun to read. Just Read It.

A Room With a Viewpoint
A barrage of disparate ramblings. Random thoughts. General Blah. Whatever. Musings of an expert bullshit artist, a Rock freak and a literature lover.

N For Nirav
It\'s the collection of some beautiful emails and text message which we receive in our daily life from our friends, relatives and close ones. Enjoy them.

My Diary
My daily diary (as daily as I can make it) jotting down my thoughts and giving pointers to my other blogs.

Look though a Bangali** man's dark, thick rimmed glasses

Lies, Damned Lies and Blogs

The Lotus elise
Four Wheels and a heart

Rajeev's Weblog
Personal Weblog and essays on topics of interest

An confused Indian software engineer trying to make meaning out of his life.

thoughts, opinions and ideas of an indian, engineer, programmer, strongly opinionated young man.