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Art from the Heart Community is for anyone who likes to express their feelings by creating art: poems, stories, songs or song lyrics, images, paintings etc. Age doesn't matter and even though the community is especially for amateur artists, everyone is welcome - as long as you all enjoy what you do and your art comes from your heart.

Custom Portraits in Wood
Let scrollsaw artist Linda Butterfield create a custom portrait in wood of your beloved family, friends or pets from your photograph. Sure to be a treasured family heirloom that can be passed down from ...

A couple of european artists present their original creations: surrealist and hyperrealist oil paintings,drawings,experimental and fine art photography.

Beyond Appearances
A personal website with digital art, weblog and some free items for Poser by Curious Labs.

Roger's World of Romance
Your romantic hideaway on the web. {;}Here you will find original poetry written by Roger Eubanks. {;}All poems are set to the beautiful music of Bruce DeBoer {;}and backgrounds from Keene Kreations.{;}A ...

Etched Glass Gifts & More
Etched glass for all occasions! Choose from: Signs-Mugs-Stemware-Vases-Mirrors-Picture Frames-Candle Holders-And Much More! Custom Orders Are Welcome! Personalize your gift. Make it special! Prices are ...

Mural Paintings by Julie
Mural Paintings for the Hudson River Valley New York area. Transforming normal everyday walls into beautiful works of art. Gallery of original images.

Li's pages
Poetry, fairy-tales, novels (much in german); theater, paintings, ...

SYL AND Ric's virtual animated galleries:fine art and drawings,pastels,experimental photographs,hypersurrealistic paintings and web design.

Hypersurreal oil Paintings,Drawings and Pastels,Nature and Experimental{;}Photographs,Free Original Webart Graphics:a couple of European Artists present{;}their creations in animated virtual galleries ...

Memphis Digital Photography
I am a editorial stock photographer who has been published in several national magazines in the States. This site contains images of the White Tigers which were on loan to the Memphis Zoo in 1999, flowers ...

Fabiana Kofman - Pinturas
Art site of the argentinian Fabiana Kofman, she takes you to her world of realistic paintings, inspiration, fantasy and light.Maidens, dolphins, interiors, Greece, angels, and more. Spanish and english ...

Smattecommunitys A Writer's Home Page
I made the most of the backgrounds for this site with freeware and some of my mom's photographs. Features art links, freeware reviews and links, short articles about holidays, seasons, ghost stories, webpage ...

those who hear not the music... think the dancers mad

Lady Catherine's Realm
Renaissance and Pre-Raphael Site of Love and Romance in Poetry,Art and Music.Also Historical Letters Of Love.From Gr. Britian.

A collection of poetry (either written by me or by the world's best writers), quotes (about love & the business world), books and images I've created. Come take a look...

Aspicommunity Artists
Are you an aspicommunity artist hoping to get recognised for all your hard work? Why not join Aspicommunity Artists Gallery and use it as a showcase for your creativity? Registration is free. As a member ...

Puzzle of Hearts
A small collection of original poetry written over the years.

Puzzle of Hearts
A small collection of original poetry written over the years.