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This 3rd Generation Dodge Ram Community to link web sites that have information pertaining to 2002 Ram 1500 and the 2003 Ram 2500 & 3500. This site contains Submission Rules and Submission Form. For existing Community Members it now contains the Editing Form to edit you site information and retrieve custom HTML Code for your particular site.

3rd Generation Dodge Ram Net Community
This 3rd Generation Dodge Ram Community to link web sites that have information pertaining to 2002 Ram 1500s and the upcoming 2003 Ram 2500s & 3500s.

Bear Mountain Performance
This site contains specs on a 2003 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 I want, my personal For Sale/Wanted list, a Mopar Online Fleamarket, Classified Ad Links, Mopar Information, Family's Vehicles, Mopar Related/DaimlerChrysler/Automotive/Non-Automotive ...


Dodge is a widely recognized car and truck manufacturer in the united states and around the world. Two brothers started the dodge company, named after themselves, sometime after 1900 and before the nineteen twenties. The dodge brothers had many innovative ideas and designs, which attracted American consumers. Later, dodge became very well known for its muscle cars. A muscle car is a two-door car with four seats, unlike a lot of sports cars, which have only 2 seats, and are usually classified according to the year they were made in. Most muscle car enthusiasts agree that muscle cars are American, south African, or Australian cars with very powerful engines and relatively small frames that were made during a certain era. The exact dates however, are under dispute for a lot of muscle car lovers. Dodge no longer makes muscle cars like it used to because consumers arenít as interested in muscle cars anymore because they have very poor fuel economy, which can be both expensive and harmful to the environment. With new emissions laws, car manufacturers like dodge have to focus more on designing clean-running fuel-efficient cars that are still affordable. Many car companies are also researching alternative fuels. Another little-known fact is that the dodge brothers were Canadian. Thatís right. The dodge brothers were from Windsor, Ontario, where they opened their first bike shop. The dodge brothers later moved their business to Michigan, where most American automotive companies are based. The move that the dodge brothers made from Windsor to Michigan would not have been that big, since Windsor is pretty close to Michigan anyway.

Dodge Ram

The very first dodge rams were first manufactured in nineteen eighty one. There are a number of dodge factories around the world that contribute in some way to the manufacture of dodge rams. With each new generation of dodge rams, the dodge ram has evolved and improved and its design has changed to meet new standards set by th producers as well as the consumer. As maker of the dodge ram, the chrysler corporation is committed to producing high quality, safe, affordable vehicles for its customers. The dodge ram slogan is ďif you canít dodge it, ram itĒ. Though chrysler makes many different dodge trucks, the dodge ram is a cut above the rest, with its stylish design and high performance. The dodge ram, in a nutshell, is a full-size pick-up truck. Itís important to know a thing or two about the dodge ram before you decide to buy a dodge ram. First, you should get to know the different dodge rams that have been produced over the years. You may find that you prefer some of the old dodge ram models to newer dodge ram models or vice versa. If you know a lot about trucks or youíre up for a challenge, you might want to buy an old broken down dodge ram truck and restore it yourself by replacing some of its dodge ram parts. If you donít know where to begin when it comes to buying dodge ram parts for an old dodge ram, some dodge ram parts buying tips follow. A major advantage of buying dodge rams new is that dodge rams are available in a wide range of finishes and colours if you order them from the manufacturer. Some finishes however, are a fair bit more expensive than the standard finishes. If you want your dodge ram to have some really special or unusual finishes, you will probably have to do them yourself or send your dodge ram to someone who specializes in dodge ram custom finishing. This might include a special paint job or a custom interior for your dodge ram.

Dodge Ram Parts

For dodge ram parts, visit your dodge ram parts dealer. No one knows dodge ram parts better your dodge ram parts dealer, whether youíre looking for parts for your first, second, or third generation dodge ram. Of course, newer dodge ram parts are always easier to find than really old dodge ram parts. For older dodge ram parts, you may have to look elsewhere. Sometimes a good place to get old dodge ram parts is from other dodge ram owners who may have an old dodge ram that no longer works. In some cases, an old dodge ram is worth more if you sell its individual parts than it would be if you sold it as an old broken down truck. Some dodge ram enthusiasts would be thrilled to find someone who has an old dodge ram part they need to restore their own dodge ram.

Third Generation Dodge Ram

The third generation dodge ram has been called the greatest generation of dodge rams by some. However, a lot of people donít realize the subtle differences that make a third generation dodge ram superior to a second generation dodge ram. Many different car marques classify models of their cars from different years by dividing them into generations. The first and second generation might span a decade or more each, with a third and fourth generation representing the more modern models.

2002 Ram 1500

The 2002 ram 1500 is a member of the third generation dodge ram family. It was the very first dodge ram of the third generation. Some of the changes from the second generation dodge ram to the third generation dodge ram included new interiors, a different suspension and major changes to the second generation dodge ramís frame.

2003 Ram 2500 and Ram 3500

Though the third generation dodge ram is quite different to the second generation dodge rams, there is not a lot of difference between the third generation 2002 Ram 1500 and the third generation 2003 ram 2500 and ram 3500.