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Paranormal Links
Interesting links to psychics, astrology, ghosts, near death experiences, angels and everything unexplained

Jesus Christ Photos
Unusual digital photos of a face with a halo that could be of Jesus Christ.

Awareness Foundation: Deliverance Ministry
This site contains links and stories of the paranormal. Also has case studies of deliverance prayers being delivered to the supernatural.

Linda Levin (Linda Blue) Psychic Channeler
Linda Levin (Linda Blue), New York City Spiritual Channel, Medium, {;}Psychic: Readings by Telephone or Email. My spirit guide Blue and I will {;}take you through a reading that will provide spiritual ...

Ghostly Gathecommunity
We are a new site with a great beginning on ghost pics. Most of the pics were taken at Punkin's house. We also have a chat room and a message board.

Supernatural Happenings
Come chat about the Supernatural Happenings in your life. See some ghost pictures or read a great ghost story. Apply for my award or visit a great community... Most of all enjoy your stay :)

Phantom Paranormal Investigation
We are a group of paranormal investigators active in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

Ghostly Presence
Information regarding ghosts, hauntings and ghost hunting.

The Paranormal Realm
This site is full of mysterious, unexplainable phoenomenon including, ghosts, crop circles, and flying saucers. Hear about my personal paranormal encounters along with others. Enter the realm and discover ...

Sapphires Dreams
Top psychics, angel readings, angel rooms and unicorn rooms, chat, writing

All Things Paranormal

Freddy's Paranormal Horizons
This site is dedicated to the Paranormal and other strange and unexplained topics (Ghosts, Bigfoot, The Chupacabra, The Loch Ness Monster, etc. etc.) Post your own story or encounter on this site.

The Conscious Living Homepage
Personal Website discussing Hinduism, God, Spirituality and more.

Divine Love Light
Professional psychic readings and spell-casting services for love, money, luck and more. Whatever your situation, we are here to help you.

A resource center with information and links for many paranormal topics, such as aliens & UFOs, alt. science, cryptozoology, ghosts, occult topics, psychic things, religious phenomena and many others. ...

Jeremy's Paranormal Page
This is my paranormal page, it consists of a grouping of "articles" I have written on Paranormal subjects, pictures, links, and more. This page is only a part of my larger site, which includes art, Transformers, ...

ALiens & the Unexplainable
Do you believe in Aliens? Well if you dont after you visit this site you will. I guarantee it! While you're there sign the guestbook! If you have any stories you want posted email them to me!!

Paranormal Quest
This website is about the paranormal

Spiritual Encounters
A REAL site about what really goes on. Links, Ghost watch web cams, True stories, pictures

geogia paranormal organization
A ghost hunters site

The paranormal radio and its forum

Amazing Anomalies
Hunting for Ghosts? Searching for a haunting experience? Something strange and bizarre perhaps? Stop by our Paranormal Search Engine and see if you can find that amazing information you seek. New additions ...

The Rehabilitators
A group dedicated to bcommunitying good and honest proof of the spirit world.

Skeptomania is a lively forum where believers and skeptics peacefully (mostly) discuss the various paranormal topics such as psychics, ghost sightings, UFOs and aliens, bigfoot, etc., as well as applicable ...

Psychic Tarot Readings by Pixie Rose
Pixie Rose gives amazing, accurate psychic readings using Tarot Cards and a well-developed intuition. 18 years experience. I pay for the call... I call you! Also, at times I become a Medium if one of ...