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Two Hearts One Soul's community is designed to bcommunity together Lifestyle sites to educate and inform the BDSM Community in an educational, positive and spiritual manner. Couples sites, slave sites, submissive sites, Dominant sites, Domme sites, et. al, are all welcome to join and participate.

The English Rose Garden
An insight into the life and ritual of a happily married English couple who live a 24/7 Master /slave lifestyle

Ds A Loving Journey
A Ds Journal by Dominant Mentor, Frank and submissive woman, feather. Documents their friendship, mentocommunity, meeting and whatever may follow. Also provides lifestyle information links for newcom ...

A True Rose
Our site is based on the Dom/male, sub/female point of view. We are however a pansexual group, with resources, monthly columns, art, poetry, info. on abuse and resources for abuse in the lifestyle.

Bound By Leather and Chains
BBLC is the flagship of the E group by the same name. It is a growing educational site. covecommunity things from Abuse vs SM to Leather Ethics

The Isle of Verus - A VR Gorean Community
Welcome to the Isle Of Verus, an island between Cos & Tyros, on the planet Gor. {;}The Isle Of Verus is a realm where a kajira is naught but slave &{;}the Free enjoy a rich culture of many pleasures; but ...

Domdra9on's Dungeon
Home of a 24/7 Master/slave couple.

D/s Haven, a 24/7 D/s service oreinted
D/s, BDSM Alternative lifestyle, AKA Power Exchange, service oriented Fem Dom Fem Sub household. Look into the lives and the philosophies living 24/7 PE.

Philip and slave
An account of the development of our 24/7 TPE M/s lifestyle, within the framework of an outwardly conventional marriage.