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THE ADAMS FAMILY OF MASSACHUSETTS{;}Compiled by: Gary G. Glynn{;}{;}The Adams Family of Massachusetts is perhaps one of the most distinguished planter families to arrive from England in the early 17th century. Through a compilation of reference material from the early 1600's to the American Revolution, few families can attribute two Presidents, two signers of the Declaration of Independence, eminent statesmen, soldiers and founders of numerous Massachusetts townships. This five hundred and thirty-five page manuscrift deals with the early immigrant ancestors of George, Henry (including Mayflower and Presidential lineage), Jeremy, John, Richard, Robert, Roger and William Adams.{;}{;}Their intermarriage with other Planter Families creates an interesting background to the developement of early Massachusetts. In addition, this manuscript includes excerpts of hundreds of allied families with special attention to the following: Butterfield, Craft, Daniels, Goodridge, Longfellow, Morse, Paine, Partridge, Penniman, R

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The Winthrop Society's focus is upon the Puritans who founded the Massachusetts Bay Commonwealth, their lives and ideals, and the genealogy of their descendants to the 4th generation.