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A community that links the intriguing 1st pages of original free fully online ghost or halloween stories. Ghost or halloweeen fiction, ebooks (e-books), short stories, novels and novellas are all welcome. Readers: my aim is to provide a constant flow of high quality ghost and halloween stories for you to enjoy so please do come back often. Authors: All family friendly authors are welcome but your community code must be placed on the 1st page of your story either just before your story or just after - no exceptions. Your title must be the title of your story, with ghost or halloween as the genre and your author name. Your description must be the 1st exciting, intriguing sentences of your ghost or halloween story. Acceptance into the community is on a story by story basis and I must be tempted to read on for your story to qualify for inclusion in the community. Call me a megolomaniac but my decision on inclusion is final, however misguided.

The Sophisticated Lady - Ghost Story or Halloween Story by Rob Hopcott
Tom loved stories. Most evenings he would take the great oak chair by the inglenook fireplace, gaze deeply into the red dancing wood flames, draw on his stubby pipe and announce to the assembled ...