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This community is for Patriotism, and Proud Americans. If you have a web site that promotes patriotism for the USA, Please join!

Dedication and Tribute to America - WTC 9-11-01
My site also contains information on Internet Safety and Dangers of personal pictures on web pages. I have many CAUSES, TeddyBears, ANGELS, Poetry, Missing Children, and much more. After viewing my patriotic ...

ManiNut.com's Patriotic Sites
Patriotic sites include POW/MIA, Tribute to September 11th, adopted POW/MIA, July 4th, Memorial Day, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, US Constitution and patriotic sheet music{;}

America United
Memorial / Tribute Site dedicated to the victims and survivors of September 11, 2001. Kept current each day with the events of Enducommunity Freedom!{;}God Bless America{;}

QT's Place, Special Pages, God Bless America
My way of showing my Pride in America and my compassion for the victims,{;}their families, the American people, as well as the people around the world{;}that have been affected by this terrorist attack ...

Love and Prayers from Canada
{;}A memorial, tribute and support from Canada site, UNITED WE STAND..ALL OF AMERICA..

We Shall Never Forget
A tribute to all the families and victims of the horrible tragedy of Sept. 11, 2001.{;}

September 11th

God Bless American - My Personal Tribute
My personal tribute to the victims of the 09/11 attacks on America. Includes a special tribute to the Firefighters and a special tribute to the Police Officers. You can pick up a quilt square or tribute ...

American Tragedy
Just a site on the tragedy and a poem to help think about and remember the ones left behind.{;}

The Reality of What The United States Faces
A look at what America faces in this war against terrorism and what we as citizens of this country must do.{;}{;}

America Stands United
Green Family Ties tribute and memorial to the events of 9-11-01.

Proud American
A Proud Patriotic American

My tribute

We will never forget

West Virginia Volunteers
Visit charity organizations in West Virginia and find out how you can help in this and the many other awesome United States :) God Bless the USA!{;}

Rachie's USA Page
A USA tribute site put together as a link from my baby daughter's web page. Some good links and nice graphics, including homemade graphics to share.{;}

USA Never Forget
In memory of the September 11, 2001 attack victims and their families. Includes memorial walls for attack victims and veterans.

Aunt Sam's Website
I (Joe R. Morris, Jr.) created this website for my mother because of our spirits of being red blooded Americans and proud of that fact. I have the time to create the site and maintain it along with the ...