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It is not blood that makes an Indian.It is the soul.To many with little soul and no vision walk in our skin.Do not say I am Apache or Cherokee, say I am of the Mother Tribe.This is the pain of our children.To return from the stars without a home or country.A tribe lost returns scattered in the wind.Those who hear must unite and reap the seed of this return; One Tribe,One Earth,One Heart,One People.Be united with one Soul.Natives and Non-Natives. WE ARE ONE FAMILY, we will walk the Red Road TOGETHER..PLEASE GIVE REASON FOR JOINING, Wado, Greydove

Catalyst: Exploration of The Sacred Selves
this site is for those who wish to reconnect with their sacred selves - The Warrior - The Shaman - The Healer - The Catalyst - The HomoSpiritual - it is brief - but the story is for you to tell.

Madre Adoptiva
Raising children in the Native way is not always easy, but always fulfilling. Come share my journey as a mother of two and wife of a Sun Dancer.

Lady Kat`s World
This is the first of many pages to come. I am of Cree descendants and am actively working on my family tree.